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Oreo’s new limited edition cookie – “The most Oreo Oreo”

The cookie company announced its newest flavor, saying, ‘With a cookie so meta, it’s only right that we’re dunking into the Metaverse with our very own Oreoverse’

The public has enjoyed many flavors of Oreo, from rainbow-filled to confetti, but no one could have prepared for “the Most Oreo Oreo” cookie.

The new flavor has been given the title of “the Most Oreo Oreo” and is a double-stuffed Oreo cookie with a creme filling that, “has Oreo bits mixed in, for a meta cookies-n-creme experience”

Unlike any Oreo cookie that’s been released before, The Most Oreo Oreo features two chocolate-flavored base cakes that are packed with “Most Stuf” levels of creme. And for an extra dose of chocolate, the creme filling has real Oreo grind mixed in—talk about meta cookies.

“The Most Oreo Oreo” cookies are currently available for pre-sale on From there, they’ll begin to hit shelves nationwide starting January 30.



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