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Overwhelmed with the design inspired by the “legendary iPhone” and the rumored iPhone 15

## Apple surprised the technology-loving community with a phone with a dual-glass design, stainless steel chassis 13 years ago – it was the iPhone 4. Agree with the point of view “iPhone 4 is the phone. The most beautiful iPhone” designer Nathan Basset drew on the language of “2010 myths” and rumors about the iPhone 15 to come up with a futuristic design. According to the designer, the highlight is that the glass panels covering the front and back are pushed to the absolute limit, creating a completely seamless display with just a little bezel on the sides. True to the style of the iPhone 4, the border on the white phone is also white. There is a small cutout on the top bezel to support the antenna – which could be a bit more visible on the white variant. The design without large camera modules is said to allow more light to reach the sensor, resulting in clearer images and more vivid details. 2 large cameras placed on a flat, slightly protruding surface, the Home button, the physical volume buttons have been removed, all that remains is the touch on the planes and only one switch to turn it off. language. Dynamic Island is added at the top and at the bottom is what lies between the two stereo speakers – the USB-C charging port. This is probably the biggest change that will come to future iPhones. However, there is no headphone jack on this design. Designer Nathan Basset notes: “It could be said that using the iPhone 15 rumors as a reference point and rebuilding the iPhone 4 again, here’s what we’re going to get… and I don’t. I don’t think (the late Apple leader Steve) Jobs would quite like it.”*



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