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p is required to do a chip-based citizen ID in 2023, or else will be penalized!

## According to the law, there are 3 cases where it is mandatory to change the citizen’s identity card by 2023. The Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (C06 – Ministry of Public Security) said that currently there is no any legal document that stipulates the termination of the validity of the ID card or the barcoded citizen identification card (without chip). Therefore, these cards are still valid until the end of the prescribed period. The old ID card is valid for 15 years from the date of issue. Meanwhile, with a 12-digit barcode citizen ID, the expiry date is indicated on the front of the ID card. However, according to the representative of C06, the Ministry of Public Security recommends that people should soon carry out the procedures to switch to a chip-based citizen ID card for convenient use and benefits. Citizen ID card with chip has high security, large storage capacity, allowing integration of many accompanying applications. ## In what cases is it mandatory to make CCCD chip mounted? Pursuant to Article 21, Article 23 of Decree 59/2014/QH13, the following 8 cases of CCCD use must be changed or re-issued with a CCCD fitted with an electronic chip, otherwise penalties will be imposed: – When the citizen is full 25 years old, full 40 years old and full 60 years old. – The card is damaged and cannot be used. – Change information about last name, middle name, first name. – Change the identity. – Re-determine gender, hometown. – There is an error in the information on the CCCD card. – Lost Citizen ID card. – To regain Vietnamese nationality according to the provisions of the Law on Vietnamese nationality. In addition, there are 6 cases in which people’s identity cards (IDs) are being used, which must be changed to CCCDs with electronic chips in accordance with Article 5 of Decree 05/1999/ND-CP: – IDs expire 15 years from the date of issue. date of issue (guided by Section 2, Part II of Circular 04/1999/TT-BCA). – Damaged ID card cannot be used. – Change last name, first name, middle name, date, month, year of birth. – Change of place of permanent residence registration outside the province or centrally run city. – Change the identity. – Lost ID card. ## Compulsory cases of changing to CCCD with chip in 2023 Chip-based citizen identification is an important identification document of citizens. Vietnamese citizens are granted CCCD cards for the first time when they are full 14 years old or older. Like ID card, CCCD is also valid. However, instead of the ID card which is valid for 15 years, the CCCD is valid until certain ages, at that age it is mandatory for people to change their CCCD card. Article 21 of the Law on CCCD 2014 has regulations on the age to change CCCD card. Accordingly, CCCD cards must be changed when citizens are full 25 years old, full 40 years old and full 60 years old. If the CCCD card is issued, changed or re-issued within 2 years before the above-said age, it is still valid until the next age of card change. Accordingly, by 2023, people born in 1998, 1983 and 1963 will respectively become full 25 years old, full 40 years old and full 60 years old, respectively. Thus, people born in the above birth years are required to change their CCCD card (ie CCCD with chip) in 2023. However, if people born in the above years have changed their CCCD card from 2021, they will still be allowed to continue. Continue to use this card until the age to change the next card. In particular, people born in 1963 who have changed their CCCD card from 2021 will be able to use the card until their death. In addition, in Article 2 of Decree 05/1999, ID cards are only valid for 15 years. Therefore, those who are using ID cards issued from 2008 and earlier also need to pay attention to make new CCCD. ## What is the penalty for not changing the citizen ID card with the correct chip? For violations of regulations on issuance, management and use of ID cards, ID cards or CCCD cards, in Clause 1, Article 10 of Decree 144/2021/ND-CP stipulates: A warning or a fine of between VND 300,000 and 500,000 consent for one of the following acts: – Failing to present ID card, ID card, CCCD card or Certificate of CMMD number upon request of inspection by a competent person; – Failing to comply with the provisions of law on issuance, exchange and re-issue of citizen identification cards. – Failing to return the ID card, ID card or CCCD card to the competent authority when the decision on granting Vietnamese citizenship is revoked or revoked; failing to return the ID card, ID card or CCCD card to the custody and temporary detention order enforcement agency, prison sentence enforcement agency, decision enforcement agency, or compulsory education institution. compulsory rehab facility. Thus, if one of the cases mentioned above does not change to a CCCD card with a chip, people may be fined up to 500,000 VND.



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