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People who use AI to reduce work, increase wages

**Using AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney to do the work for freelancers to save time and still earn high income.** Many people think that generative AIs will change the workforce in its entirety. field. In fact, this change appeared early on. A series of workers, especially freelancers or small business owners, have started integrating AI tools to save time. They expressed surprise that advanced technologies such as image creation, automatic text can speed up everything, help them take on multiple projects at the same time and earn more money. ## Who Make 6 Parts, Humans Make 4 Parts In Kansas City, Missouri, USA, Stephen Brucher is a sales and marketing officer of a company with only 3 members, specializing in creating promotional video content for technology and entertainment companies. So far, the company’s business model has mainly come from direct customer suggestions. After that, it will take Brucher about 2-3 days to create an idea presentation for each partner individually. It wasn’t until January that he started using AI tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT to draw illustrations and write content for this presentation. As a result, Brucher saved 3-4 hours per presentation, and had more time to reach more customers. He estimates that the company’s revenue will probably increase by 50% compared to 2022. However, it is not just using AI that everything goes smoothly. Brucher once asked ChatGPT to rewrite an idea email he wrote in a more exciting style. As a result, the AI ​​chatbot wrote a paragraph containing very mechanical, funny-sounding catchphrases like “get ready for an exciting upcoming project”. Larry Lundstrom of Jacksonville, Florida is a freelance designer earning $35,000/year. Since the end of 2022, he has experimented with applying a few AI tools to work like Tome, which automatically creates slides for presentations. He used Tome to create presentations for Chime, the mobile banking app. Lundstrom’s job is just to create a slide that inserts photos and text, then Chime will edit and complete. The whole process took about 2.5 days, saving a lot of time than before when he took up to 2 weeks to research, create and illustrate slides alone. In addition, Larry Lundstrom also uses DALL-E, an AI tool that creates images from user descriptions, to draw pictures according to customer requirements and uses Photoshop to edit. In most of his projects, AI will do 60% of the work and he does the remaining 40%. Thanks to that, he can take on 3 jobs in a week, 3 times more than before, and at the same time double his income from freelance work. ## HOURLY HOURS WORK IS JUST SMALL FOR WHO, However, to use AI tools proficiently and effectively takes a lot of time. For example, Lundstrom once tried to ask DALL-E for a picture of a funny, colorful antique car. But this AI tool has created something very bizarre. “Recognizing what is right takes a lot of practice,” Lundstrom says. Barrett O’Neill, of Boston, Massachusetts, runs a creative marketing agency for clients who want to spread their brand across the Internet. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, he said the company has been using AI since the fall of 2022. They were surprised to discover that chatbots like Koala can produce quality manuscripts. The rest of the staff is just to edit them instead of having to come up with ideas and write them from start to finish as before. Jobs that took hours to research and write are now just a small thing for AI. “The main thesis and supporting information are sufficient. We just need to edit to make the content less dry,” Barrett O’Neill said. Using AI, O’Neill’s company contracted 10 more partners without hiring new personnel. Monthly revenue also increased by $25,000. In addition, AI also helps a lot in personal and hobby projects. New York-based lawyer Shelia Huggins is building a legal consulting website in parallel with working as a lawyer at her firm. In March, Huggins tried using ChatGPT to write website articles and video scripts for YouTube ads. These are all jobs that Shelia Huggins has no expertise and difficult to arrange to balance with her main job. “AI helps me clear my mind more to focus on the essentials”, the female lawyer shared



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