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Surely you are all familiar with all 3 memes above, right? Particularly $PEPE is a bit more special because $PEPE’s age is less than 1 month, and the market capitalization of $PEPE is already at $500M. Surely everyone will ask themselves, can $PEPE compare to $DOGE and $SHIB ? ——————————– ***History of $DOGE, $SHIB and $PEPE*** * **1.*** ***Dogecoin?*** Dogecoin first launched the Crypto market on December 8, 2013, with the idea of ​​​​just a joke coming from the “Doge” meme. $DOGE took only 1 month to reach the $10M market cap in January 2014. $DOGE took 3.5 years to hit the $100M market cap in May 2017. $DOGE only needs 6 more months to continue x10 to $ 1B and it will take 3 more years to return to this milestone in December 2017 and January 2021 respectively. After 3 months of $DOGE, the capitalization of $DOGE exceeded $10B in April 2021 and reached ATH 1 month later at $72B. ***2. Shiba Inu?*** Like $DOGE, Shiba Inu was born on 8/2020, as a dog themed meme coin, to become an alternative to Dogecoin (DOGE) on the Ethereum blockchain. Regarding the capitalization of $SHIB, current platforms can only track when $SHIB starts appearing on CEXs. So the numbers below are estimates. On January 29, 2021, $SHIB only had a market cap of $100K. Only 2 days, on February 1, 2021, $SHIB x100 reached a capitalization of $10M. April 16, 2021, $SHIB has a market capitalization of $100M On April 20, 2021, $SHIB reaches a capitalization of $1B. Less than 2 weeks later, on May 17, 2021, with the event listed on Binance, the capitalization of $SHIB was pushed to the threshold of $9B. And then 5 months later, the capitalization of $SHIB was pushed to the threshold of $40B. ***3. PEPE?*** PEPE is simply a meme coin inspired by the classic green frog image called Pepe the Frog, which was released on April 14, 2023 on Uniswap. The capitalization of $PEPE increased rapidly. Just 3 days after launch, the capitalization of $PEPE set $10M. After 2 days, the capitalization of $PEPE multiplied by 10, reaching the threshold of $100M. Less than a month later, and at the time of writing, $PEPE is at $600M in capitalization. ***Overcoming $DOGE and $SHIB?*** After looking back at $DOGE and SHIB, we realize that one thing in common. **NOTHING IS TOO HIGH** with a meme coin. And the time it takes for a meme coin to multiply by 10 by capitalization *(which is already very short) *is now shorter with later meme coins. Currently, $PEPE is about 8 times the capitalization of $SHIB and 16 times the capitalization of $DOGE. The answer to whether $PEPE can topple $DOGE and $SHIB is still ahead, because in this Crypto market, nothing is impossible.

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