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Play Meme Coin Need To Know.

Referring to Meme coin, everyone wants to eat big, ie eat x10-50-100 to close, but to eat you need to know. 1/ Capital is not borrowed. – One lose, – Two x2-5-10-50-100 2/ Secure wallet. Play wallet is a daily wallet, use it and then quit, there is a Fund wallet, this is a wallet that cannot be logged in or swapped at all, its task is to transfer money. When I tested it last week, I lost money, because I used a wallet to login to the web, but now I don’t know exactly which website, so don’t be lazy to create a wallet. 3/ Check the contract of the project. This must have tools, bots to support, in addition to know more about Add Liquid, Max buy, max sell, max wallet, remove limits, renounce…. >>> 3 Bots in the previous post I shared It’s also preliminary enough for the above parts, I will share more of the websites I often check in the comments. 4/ Tools. In addition to bot tools to support contract checking, you need more tools to support Swap / In this part, I discovered a very good Bot, installed it on telegram, am researching to make a video tutorial for you; In addition, you need to check the current gas fee before playing, you can see more at: 5 / Your current position. Playing Meme Coin is currently playing well on the ETH system, but the ETH system has a high gas fee, in return for less Scam bets, less but not no, so. If you have little capital, eat a little thin, usually the case of thin capital to play Meme Coin of the ETH system is around < $2k, to eat hard to observe how the price of MM projects, then it will be clear when you should get the DIP, this is to look at the parameters, not Meme Coin, don't look at the chart, the parameters here are Liquid, the number of holders, the project information is being shilled... all need to see if it is going down. development direction? no right??? Another doubt is exiting goods, preserving capital. For you to learn this, the easiest way I find it is to look at 10 successful bets, check that its parameters are clear, then set up a set of criteria and then play, don't burn money for the case of Ignorance. this experience. 6/ Know the Neck. The essence of Meme Coin is to shill, so if you have participated, you must know the back of the TW, the benefit of that is that you are in tune with the media, and you are following the project, until the end. If you find something strange, you know you have to go out. The guys who participate in the shill sometimes collect a bunch of good KOLs, then it's good to just follow it. 7/ The profit is not fixed, go to court to do Ch*** Usually by x2 I fall 60-65%, I just closed the capital and have a little profit to go to another bet, after a season of Gamefi... you know yes, mom, it's spicy to mention it again. In addition, if you have low capital, you can take advantage of the White list to get the right to buy early, but all of you need to check in step 1. If you have a little capital, you will play in the form of using Bot Swap and eat the first wave, is the biggest wave when the list, then falls quickly and then dips or quits, watch this case, then follow the bot to report the token listing. That after all, if you follow this school of Meme coin you need, stay up at night, wake up early, read the code...and if it's ok, you already have the skill to check Meme of systems, and believe I go when you check this way, later on the projects on the floor you guys will check again ^^ Ok ha, know what to share, some tools, my website is in the comment section.

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