Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Recently, the community has begun to pay attention to this trend. In June, there will be a fomo wave with #DRC20. Anyway, first of all, it is necessary to understand what it is! ## 1/ BIRTH FROM #BRC20 LIMITS? #BRC20 is in the budding stage. And it helps many rich guys see and also show many defects. For example: only 4 letters can be used as token name, high risk of getting gas, can’t cancel transactions, lack of scalability. Currently, the community has less expectations for #BRC20 like ‘second #ERC20 soon’. In essence, for #BRC20 or any other token format to develop, it needs decentralization, optimal gas fees (cheap enough) and good scalability. #BRC20 has not responded yet. And also because of those limitations, the market has had improvements such as #DRC20, #LRC20, #ORC20, #SRC20,… And recently, the community has been discussing about #DRC20 quite intensely. It was born to deal with #BRC20’s lack of decentralization, no smart contract, and lack of scalability. ## 2/ OPERATION PRINCIPLE OF #DRC20 Built on Cardinals protocol. In the Dogecoin chain, the smallest unit is ‘elon’ and 1 Dogecoin = 100,000,000 elons Cardinals gives each elon a unique identity, engraved on text, images, audio, video (called inscription). These engraved files are called Cardinals NFT, similar to Ordinals on #BRC20. Currently, apart from $BTC and $LTC, only $DOGE fulfills the functionality of the UTXO model. #DRC20 was born to explore the potential of asset tokenization on the Dogecoin chain. ## 3/ #DRC20 WHAT ARE ADVANTAGES? More decentralized and improved transaction efficiency than #BRC20. Ensure the absolute security of assets by putting the ledger on the ETHF chain, the transaction will take place on the Dogecoin chain. If your wallet is lost, you can still find the corresponding inscription. Fast transaction speed and low fees, more favorable in developing DeFi, stablecoin or oracle applications to sustain the ecosystem. Low fees are also easier to attract new users (easier to attract new money in). #DRC20 has the meme that it alone has. This factor attracts users to a life-changing lottery. ## 4/ STATUS OF #DRC20 Almost like #BRC20 in March, fomo, fomo and fomo. Users are currently concentrated mainly on Unielon Wallet. Traffic exceeded 10 million after 3 days of launch. You can create a wallet and trade on this: https://unielon.com/ ## 5/ CHANCE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH #DRC20 It’s in the early stages. Overall it is doing better than #BRC20. Lottery, xnxx meme advantage thanks to $DOGE (top1 meme). Sustainability is unknown but the lottery meme in crypto is worth a try (low fees, paid in $DOGE too). Thank you guys for reading the whole article. Personally, I find DRC20 easier to play than BRC20. Lottery test brothers. Even lying down is not recommended

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