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Please be careful with Scam, I remember Ryan doesn’t have a Telegram group.

How not to be cheated in Crypto. **A/ Don’t invest what you don’t know, not sure.** **B/ Don’t entrust investment to anyone.** **C/ Research carefully before starting the project. Usually in this step, I find 1 information about it, I have to compare it twice, in 2 different tools or 2 different websites.** In this case, let’s analyze how to avoid being cheated. 1/ Received news from a group of Ryan, the comparison picture on this FB group is also Ryan’s group, did he call that child? 2/ Game style, Ryan is a big guy, will he play some BSC meme coin bets like this? 3/ Get a contract, now have to research with tools to check the contract, max buy/sell, buy/sell lock …., if you don’t know message me, I’ll send that tool list. This case of impersonating the admin of a certain community to cheat is a common thing, and of course that Admin group will not be responsible if you are cheated, and you must know how to protect yourself. Ways to protect yourself when playing Crypto. 1/ Capital management. – Do not borrow when playing Coin. – Have a plan to buy/sell (take profit, stop loss) 2/ Wallet security: – Always have a Fund wallet, this wallet is not allowed to log in or Swap any project? – The wallet for playing meme coin is always a new wallet, after playing, immediately quit, the interest is transferred to the Fund wallet. 3/ Separate browser to play Meme Coin and clear web browser login history. – You should delete the history/ Project Cokkie that played Meme Coin. 4/ Always check 1-2-3. – 1 information —- 2 checks —- 3 calm minutes before buying any project. 5/ Upgrading the project selection criteria. – You need a set of project selection criteria, not every project will enter, not every project will need money. Always learn more from everyone, everyone is your teacher, learn from mistakes to improve the set of standards, the standards are getting stricter and stricter, less projects, more success. 6/ Choose friends to play, choose Idol “Real” to swing. – Choose a circle of influence for you, this round is the best like-minded people who share your criteria as much as possible, or choose the right Idol/shark to follow, exchange, from which you have more information believe, have information, have money. As above is my mistake to help you when investing, surely many of you will say that you are too familiar, but what is familiar, we easily forget and continue to make mistakes, so this article Not only reminding you, it is written so that I also remind myself. Wishing you an energetic start to the week.

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