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Pocket the fastest way to check iPhone battery life

# **Pocket the fastest way to check iPhone battery life** **Battery bottle is one of the problems that many iPhone users care about after using for a long time. Here’s the fastest way to check iPhone battery life.** Battery life testing helps in many situations, like when you buy a used iPhone, or to know the condition of the internal battery for replacement or repair. cure. Checking the battery quality in time also helps to keep your phone safer and avoid many cases of fire and explosion. Here is the fastest way to check iPhone battery life. ## **CHECK IPHONE BATTERY LIFE BY VIEWING MAX BATTERY LIFE** First you turn on your device, go to *Settings *then select *Battery *and select *Battery & Charge Status.* It will *Maximum capacity* display helps inform your battery life. During use, when the battery gradually degrades, *Max Capacity * will gradually decrease. When *Maximum capacity* is displayed at less than 70%, it is recommended to replace the battery. The *peak performance capacity* section will show any battery problems if they affect iPhone performance. ## **CHECKING IPHONE BATTERY LIFE WITH APP** All you need to do is go to the App Store and download the *Battery Life* app to your device. The application will then automatically analyze and give the results of the battery life. ## **CHECK IPHONE BATTERY LIFE WITH ITOOLS** iTools is one of the tools used by many iPhone users to manage and sync data for their devices. In addition, iTools can also help users check the battery quickly. First you need to download the iTools application to your computer. After the installation is complete, open iTools and plug in your iPhone to connect to the computer. Then you select the *Battery Capacity * section at the bottom. At that time, the screen will display all information about iPhone battery: – *Fully Charged Cycles *: Number of charges. – *Battery Health *: Battery level. – *Actual Capacity *: Maximum fully charged battery capacity. – *Design Capacity *: Fully charged battery capacity when in factory state.



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