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Police advise people to be especially wary of calls with this sign

The Ministry of Public Security recommends people information to identify and prevent criminals who take advantage of high technology to cheat and appropriate property. On July 11, **Ministry of Public Security** said that recently, some subjects took advantage of “Deepfake” technology to make video calls with fake images and faces to scam ” victims” to commit illegal acts. According to the Ministry of Public Security, Deepfake is a threat to the truthfulness and reliability of videos and images. Subjects use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create fake videos or images, copy portraits to create fake videos of relatives and friends to make fraudulent calls online. . Most of these online scams are aimed at financial fraud. So when people receive calls related to financial content, they should be alert to confirm more. **The Ministry of Public Security also specifies the identification signs, which are:** – The call time is usually very short, only a few seconds; The face lacks emotion and is quite “inert” when speaking, or the pose looks awkward, unnatural, or the head and body orientation in the video is inconsistent… – The skin color of the character in the video is unusual. , weird lighting and shadows are out of place. This can make the video look very artificial and unnatural. – Sound is also an issue listeners need to pay attention to. Accordingly, the sound of the call will not be consistent with the image, there is a lot of noise lost in the clip or the clip has no sound. In particular, during the communication process, it is often interrupted midway, saying that the signal is lost, the signal is weak… – Request to transfer money but the money transfer account is not of the person making the call. From the above warnings, **Ministry of Public Security recommends preventive measures. That is, if you receive a call requesting urgent money transfer, first calm down and verify the information:** – Directly contact relatives and friends through another channel to see if they really need money Are not. – Double check the account number requested to transfer money. If it is a strange account, it is best not to proceed with the transaction. – If the call is from someone claiming to be the representative of the bank, hang up and call the bank directly to confirm the call just now is indeed the bank made or not. – Poor quality, shaky voice or video calls are a factor for you to doubt the caller as well as the authenticity of the call.



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