Friday, February 23, 2024


Currently, the trend of POW coin is increasing quite strongly. The feature of the coins that have increased strongly is that there is a new algorithm (KAS, NEXA, RXD …), like the experience of finding new coins that I have shared in previous posts. To determine if the POW coin you find has a new algorithm, go to the page ( and look in the “Algorithm” section (Figure 1). ), if the coin’s algorithm is not in this list, it is almost certainly a new algorithm. As for miners, just look at the algorithm name to know if it’s new or old. Coin POW often uses the power of CPU, GPU, ASIC to mine, some coins use CPU, GPU, RAM (like ALEO), some coins use HDD capacity (like Arweave, Chia). There are many strange ones that use public IP to dig. Regarding the upcoming trend of POW coin, I think that coins that use optical chips for mining will get a lot of attention. The feature of optical chips is great speed but uses very little energy, just like what Elon Musk is trying to do with Doge coin (reducing energy, good for the environment). You should pay attention to this trend, when the optical chip is put into use, it will change a lot about the POW coin array. I have joined the Crypto market since 2017, and have been beaten and bruised by MM many times. Hope my experiences can help newcomers learn something. I don’t do KOL, don’t eat refs, don’t have group calls, so don’t ask me to join the group. If you find that the experience I shared helps you guys with something, please give me 1 like, so that I can sit and count like to get the joy of old age ūüôā .

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