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In less than a year, the Bitcoin Halving will take place and the market will enter a new bull cycle. Not that what has happened in the past will always repeat itself in the future, but the crypto market seems to have followed a predictable cycle around the Bitcoin Halving. **Bitcoin Halving** is an event where the reward for each block successfully inserted into the Bitcoin blockchain is halved (i.e. every halving the difficulty to mine a block doubles). After each Bitcoin Halving, the price of Bitcoin has a strong fluctuation. Let’s look back at the old bull cycles associated with the Bitcoin Halving event: * *Bitcoin halving in November 2012, the market peaked a year later in November 2013, then plummeted in 2014 to early 2015.* * *Bitcoin halving took place in July 2016, and peaked in December 2017, but also crashed sharply in 2018.* * *Bitcoin halving took place in April 2020, the market recovered and peak in 2021 when Bitcoin hits $69k.* It can be seen that after every Bitcoin Halving, the market enters a new uptrend season, and if we are lucky, we will have 1 year to 1 and a half years left before entering a real uptrend. Therefore, everyone needs to prepare well in terms of knowledge, experience as well as finance to have a successful uptrend season. ## **Looking Back on the Past and Life Lessons** * You should learn the project yourself, not follow the projects that are shilled by KOLs blindly. * Should allocate capital reasonably, should not all-in to a project. * When you have carefully researched and paid down, you need to be patient with your choice. * Need to ***watch*** the market closely*** to catch ***the trends/opportunities every day because the market will always have big trends to lead the cash flow. * When you have decided to invest, you must have faith to be able to go a long way. * The correction in the market is inevitable, let’s consider this as an opportunity to improve our knowledge and capital to accumulate more good projects for ourselves. * It’s important to find yourself with like-minded people and deep knowledge to learn from and stay motivated. * Don’t take ***macroeconomics*** and assume that macroeconomics doesn’t affect the crypto market. * Too conservative about holding to target without taking profits at the time of the fomo market, the danger needs to be closed. * Believe in technology like ICP, BICO bets but forget that the essence of the crypto market is ***money game***. * Airdrop has always been one of the ways to effectively “skin in the game” and earn money to change positions. * In an uptrend, not everyone can fly, if it’s easy, everyone will eat the house’s money :> * No matter how big the floor or fund, if it doesn’t do business properly and leverage too much, it will go bankrupt like 3AC, FTX ## **Things to Prepare for the Next Growth Cycle** **1/ Prepare for Academics **We go to school for 12 years and most will take another 4-5 years of college Only then can you make money from those academic disciplines, so is the financial market. Do not be too delusional that you will make money when you have no knowledge or knowledge. When participating in this market, everyone will have to determine in their head that maybe within 2-3 years they will not make money from the market!! The knowledge here includes not only the basic knowledge of technical analysis or fundamental analysis but also diverse knowledge such as: * Personal financial management. * Portfolio management. * Emotional and psychological management. * Macroeconomic. Knowledge is something we always have to learn, hone and update our whole life, but you should remember: Knowledge is like watering a plant, we need to do it regularly and never give up even if it’s boring like whatever. Until now, you still don’t understand what Coin/Token is? What is Defi? What is Layer1/Layer2, you are a few years behind the market and next season, even if it is uptrend, you will still lose. Instead of blaming the market, the KOLs have no conscience, let’s blame ourselves because we don’t improve our knowledge or give up halfway. Only myself can help me, only myself can depend on no one else We don’t have too much time left because the Bitcoin Halving event will take place on 4/2024 and whether or not you can change your position is up to you. **2/ Prepare in terms of capital** Having investment capital is very important in the next crypto uptrend season because this is the time when the market can increase sharply, and also have a lot of investment and income opportunities. profit. If everyone currently has no capital, or little capital, prepare now. If you have 1000$ now, you will have 10000$ in the next uptrend. Without capital is like going to war without weapons, even though the enemy is many times weaker than you, you are still in a difficult position. From now on, work hard to accumulate capital to prepare for the next big battle Finally, having enough investment capital will help people not be under financial pressure when the market is volatile, helping everyone people have the opportunity to buy more goods at better prices when the market corrects! **3/ Psychological preparation ** Mental preparation is very important in the next crypto uptrend season, because although the crypto market at that time may increase continuously, so don’t be too confident when the market goes up. bull market, or too scared when the market corrects. To have a stable psychology, instead of future margin eating a few short waves, everyone should focus on ***long-term investing*** that will help people avoid short-term fluctuations. **4/ Let’s roll with the market **However, if you prepare carefully what I have presented above, but you do not dare to invest, do not dare to put money down, do not dare to roll with the market, everything will be in vain. means. As boss Ryan said, “Finance is the pinnacle profession of intelligence, requiring many factors, so knowledge alone is not enough, but it should be accompanied by real combat and learning effectively.” If you join the market it is not certain that you will succeed but if you do not participate you will certainly not succeed. Rolling with the market will help you get the real experience of failure or success in this market. Failure or success in this stage is not so important, it is important that we understand why we succeed or fail, thereby drawing lessons for ourselves. From now till the end of Bitcoin Halving, the market is your own experience until there is a great war from 2024 a war that can change your life forever. Turn knowledge into experience, strength on the battlefield. After each failure, we tell ourselves we will do better next time, but we have to know why we failed so that we can improve ourselves. > Don’t let a single moment go by without learning anything.

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