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Put on the scale of OnePlus Pad and Apple iPad, “which cat bites which”?

## With OnePlus 11, the Chinese manufacturer has been noted for its breakthrough in the smartphone market. Will any miracle happen with the OnePlus Pad in the tablet market? It should be noted that the tablet market is currently still dominated by products (iPad)( of (Apple)( html). Technology news site Digital Trends tried to put (OnePlus)( Pad and iPad Gen 10 (2022) on the scale and noted that clearly competing with iPad is very difficult. tough, especially when many Android tablets still don’t match the OnePlus Pad. ## Design OnePlus has done a pretty good job with the new tablet, the specifications show that the OnePlus Pad can be close to the 11-inch iPad Pro – but at the same price as the iPad Gen 10. Going deeper, the manufacturers Analysts say that with its premium and elegant design, the OnePlus Pad is one of the most uniquely designed tablets on the market. The tablet has a solid metal body with rounded corners. Overall, the OnePlus Pad is very slim and its back is sleek with a brushed metal finish and curves that look reminiscent of vinyl grooves. And although the large camera cluster is in a rather odd position, the Halo Green color of the OnePlus Pad is also very nice. ## Screen On the OnePlus Pad, you have an 11.61-inch LCD display with a resolution of 2800 x 2000 with an interesting 7:5 aspect ratio. Maximum brightness reaches 500 nits, which while it won’t help you in direct sunlight, is perfectly fine for indoor use. The display also has an incredibly impressive 144Hz refresh rate, although this only applies to certain apps, and most tablets will have a 120Hz refresh rate, which means smooth. Despite being an LCD screen, the OnePlus Pad presents bright and vivid colors as well as deep, deep blacks – very impressive for the price. On the iPad side, its screen is less impressive at 10.9 inches, but this is a Liquid Retina LED display with a resolution of 2360 x 1640. Maximum brightness reaches 500 nits and most colors are vibrant. and beautiful. But the weak point of the iPad display is the disappointing 60Hz refresh rate. This speed is easily noticeable on large screens – causing the animation to be messy and not smooth. ## Performance In terms of performance, it can be seen that OnePlus has integrated an impressive hardware inside the tablet. However, the biggest flaw is still in the Android operating system – which is very good on smartphones, but not so impressive on tablets. Digital Trends analysts had some difficulties using the OnePlus Pad especially in terms of screen rotation and compatibility with some streaming apps. In terms of performance, the iPad is clearly the winner. ## Camera About the camera, although the design of this device cluster is quite large, the OnePlus Pad’s camera is not impressive. The rear camera meets the needs of urgent photography, but it is more suitable for scanning documents. The selfie camera on the front is terrible, as a lot of detail is lost and everything looks washed out in the photo. Overall, the iPad’s cameras are just ordinary, and in general both tablets make a “forgotten” camera. ## Battery and charging One of the strengths of the OnePlus Pad is its battery life. The manufacturer has integrated a large 9,510mAh battery with claims that the battery life can last more than 12 hours of continuous video viewing and about 1 month in standby mode. You’ll also get a 67-watt SUPERVOOC charger that can charge the tablet from zero up to 86% capacity in just 1 hour – and to fully charge it in about 80 minutes. The iPad is a bit less impressive in this respect. Apple says the iPad’s battery is enough for 10 hours of video playback and web surfing. While Apple never gives specific numbers on battery capacity, it is certainly not as impressive as OnePlus’ product. The Apple tablet comes with a USB-C charging cable and a 20 Watt charger. ## “Which cat do you mite?” Although technically, this would be a win for the OnePlus Pad, but the better choice Digital Trend recommends is still the iPad – the reason is because the Android operating system is not really optimized for the device. tablet. This is especially important considering that the OnePlus Pad retails for just $30 more than the iPad Gen 10 (2022) – but the experience is still below average. While the OnePlus Pad is a good start for OnePlus in the tablet market and a good Android tablet, it’s still not strong enough to beat the iPad giant.



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