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Qsat allocates the assets of Binance and MEXC.

Interesting. Total assets on binance are $60 billion, of which 15% is in BNB. -> Cz has successfully transferred 15% of the total user money into his own pocket by Selling Paper for Money (about 10 billion dollars, assuming that the ideal amount of bnb has enough liquidity). Total assets stored in MEXC are 500 million USD, of which about 25% is in the form of MX exchange tokens. -> The owner of mexc has successfully sold paper to collect 25% of the user’s assets ( $ 150 million, assuming the MX token has full liquidity). As for the sale of Paper for Money, binance earns 50 times more than mex That’s for you to understand the Floors of the House. Being a Floor Owner has many sources of income: transaction fees, kill long-short, sell paper for money… See MEXC credit score at coinmarketcap is really low. So big money is less poured into it. Money on the exchange has about 1 billion dollars, far behind binance 60 billion dollars.

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