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Quick and easy way to check your old iPhone before buying

# **Quick and easy way to check your old iPhone before buying** **Buying a used iPhone is always a great way to save money but you need to do some checks first to make sure everything all work fine.** With a smartphone, it is important to look for any cracks or physical blemishes, as well as check that the device is indeed on and working. But what about what’s going on inside? It takes an expert to know which parts are still working and which are not. Some people may have tampered with the handset, replacing the genuine devices with fake ones. Fortunately, on iPhone there is a clever way that will expose all device errors to you. This not only tells you about non-genuine parts, but also tells you if it was previously used on another iPhone or it simply worked as expected. To check if an iPhone has genuine components inside, follow these simple steps. Go to Settings and go to General. Click About. Here, if there is any part that the iPhone does not recognize, it will appear as an Unknown Part message. It will highlight the section in question and you can tap on it for more information. This will only work for certain parts, such as the screen, camera, or battery. So if you’re buying an old iPhone somewhere like on Facebook Marketplace, it’s best to check this setting first.



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