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Quick review of Google Docs’ self-editing function: confidently making up stories, not worthy of Google’s AI

## Thanks to Google Docs AI to write an introduction to Apple’s online store in Vietnam, I received a 200-word paragraph full of false information. This year’s Google I/O event can also be referred to as Google AI. On stage, leading experts constantly mentioned artificial intelligence, and announced AI feature updates for countless Google software products. The lessons we have learned from the time when we knew how to unpack instant noodles are still valid. Products appearing in advertisements are often not close to reality, and this truth holds true even for products of the world’s leading technology corporation. In (previous post)( -provided-cap-van-mau-cho-nguoi-dung-tu-sua-20230512220415146.htm)c, I expressed frustration with Gmail’s AI functionality. The object of the digging this time is Google Docs, with much more disastrous mistakes than before. ## **In the hands of Google Docs AI** Lucky to be chosen by Google as a tester of a new feature, I was excited to use it right away but a little cautious. Basically, these types of software are a word guessing AI algorithm, based on given information and learned data to predict the next word to form meaningful sentences. We immediately see the problem: the AI ​​guesses the words so that the sentences make sense, but that doesn’t mean that what the AI ​​writes is completely correct. I entered the query, “*write a paragraph about the Apple online store opening in Vietnam next week*”, and the Google Docs AI algorithm returned the following results. The query was executed on Sunday, that’s why I used the word “next week”.



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