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. If anyone pays attention, they will find themselves quite bullish on the RDNT product when mentioning a lot about it recently. In this article, let’s find out the reasons why I think this project has the potential to grow in the near future. **Okay, let’s go!!!** * Radiant Capital is a native project in the lending/borrowing segment built and developed on the Arbitrum ecosystem. Radiant Capital aims to make it easy and convenient for users to borrow and lend cross-chain with the support of LayerZero. * For simplicity, you can understand that, Radiant aims that users can deposit any large asset on any main chain and borrow a variety of assets supported on many different chains. Extremely convenient and fast, okay, I won’t go too deep, please search online to see more. I am quite a Bullist about RDNT in the 4 contents below. **first. Radiant War** *One notable point that I want to mention is that, recently Radiant has released version V2 with some feature changes coming from the protocol. Among them is the term Dynamic Liquidity*. It means that those who deposit (or borrow) money on Radiant want to receive an incentive of RDNT, they are required to provide a minimum of 5% liquidity for the RDNT – BNB or RDNT – ETH pair. For example: You deposit money into Radiant for a loan with a Volumn of $ 10000, then you are required to add an additional 5% of $ 500 for the RDNT-BNB or RDNT-ETH pair. Otherwise, you will only receive one payment that Lender receives, which is 25% fee on the total fee that the protocol collects. After providing liquidity to which pool will receive dLP representing the assets in that pool, then you lock your received dLP so that you can receive an incentive of RDNT inflation and a part of protocol revenue ( stETH, USDC, USDT,…). The longer the lock time, the higher the incentive. Hearing this, many people will be concerned about the lock time being too long, no one wants to lock their assets for a long time because assets are prone to high volatility. At this time, there was a need for liquidity of Dlp coins. And Radiant War was born with 2 projects, Radpie and Radiate Protocol. The operating model of these two projects is similar to Convex Finance of CRV War. I already have an article on this topic, you can read it again to understand better. **The operating model of these two projects is simple as follows:** When users receive dlp from the protocol, instead of locking directly on Radiant, the user will choose to send dLP to protocols like Penpie. These protocols will bring your dLP locked up on Radiant Capital up to and return to the user a temporary coin called xdLP that represents the dLP in their protocol xdLP holders can still receive incentives from both Radiant and the project itself like Penpie, revenue from the Radiant protocol, and governance rights on Radiant. With an incentive from the project itself like Penpie (the project’s token), you can lock in to receive protocol revenue and protocol administration rights. When you are bored and want to exit, you can exit thanks to the liquidity pool for xdLP and dLP at any time that any project has to build. Thus, instead of sending Dlp on Radiant, sending Dlp on satellite protocols will be much more profitable. Just get full benefits on Radiant, unlock at any time if you want and moreover receive an incentive as token of that satellite platform. The Protocols Involved in Radiant Wars are Radpie (1 Project with a lot of experience) and Radiate Protocol. Similar to the 2 projects we saw recently in Pendle War, EQB and PNP This is the first time a project about Lending builds a War-oriented model similar to AMM Dex CRV War, Wom War, or Pendle War… It may not explode strongly, but RDNT’s upward momentum is that when in the near future, these two projects will launch (or add another project to jump in) and will compete for market share control. -LP on Radiant => motivation to buy RDNT to lock => decrease in token supply => Likely to increase price. **2. Narrative Layerzero** Another notable point is that RDNT is a project also under Narrative LayerZero, a project that many brothers not only in Vietnam are looking forward to launching tokens in the near future. It is likely that if the Airdrop project, and the launch has a good effect at launch, then RDNT will also be a beneficiary project. Along with a number of projects such as STG, REUNI, OSEA… **3. Financial report** RDNT’s financial report is also a plus when I research this project, revenue and profit are steady right in the downtrend, a vital factor for a project to build on the Lending array. While many other projects in the same industry, even the profit is negative and struggling to operate… Please read my other article about the financial statement section of RNDT below. **4. Cz Effect and Binance Launch Pool / Launch Pad** Radiant Capital (RDNT) is the 32nd project on Binance Launchpool, which means that the project has been thoroughly vetted by the Binance listing team. As you know, the reputation of Cz as well as Binanace is also partly thanks to the launch of the launchpad / Launch pool project to keep the price of BNB. In the long run, Cz needs to regain the trust of users after a series of controversies and Fud filed a lawsuit with the SEC… So if the Launchpad/launch pool projects get into a push wave, I think RDNT will also benefit. **PROJECT RISK ???** ***The downside of the project probably comes from the token inflation according to the release schedule of Tokenomics, the project development team is the group that receives the token regularly according to Tokenomics’ release schedule. unlock schedule. This number of tokens is of course very cheap (almost zero).*** However, if you want to sell this Token for a good price, I still think that the team needs to push to release it, Radiant’s development team is completely operate the project with its own capital. Therefore, Radiant Capital does not sell private, Series A, B, C or the participation of any Venture Capital. Therefore, I consider this to be a team with strong resources, high project revenue and steady growth. I don’t think the project’s core team will discharge when the price is low in this area. At this price range around 0.29, I will try to put 1 or 2 toes on the boat first, if I go down, I will watch Radiant War and have a DCA plan later. And if it sinks, bear it :)) Okay, my research on the Radiant project (RDNT) is here. Please refer. If you find the information useful, please give me a like. Have a nice day everyone!!! **Source: Good coin investment group**

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