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Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since my group has had an article on the topic of real-life case studies in trading. So on this stormy day of the market, I share with you an old case study of my low cap coin, specifically 2 NEUs and RAM of the L2 Arbitrum system. Overall, in this transaction, I mainly used the following 3 skills to achieve results and as a result, I got x4 of the total capital spent after 2 rounds. 1. Timing skills (the most important skill) 1. Research skills (Marketing Twitter of the project) 1. Skills to assess the market situation When the new ARB token is launched and airdrops for the community, family members. are flocking to this ecosystem. So all tokens in the system fly very strongly from x2 x3 to x dozens of times. You just need to buy early to eat (This is not necessarily true for other systems, but with ARB, I noticed that when one of its projects pumps, all other projects pump in a unified way). ## Round 1: So if you are a latecomer, you need to do a bit of research and choose a cap < 1M to eat. The risk will be there, but there are 2 factors that, in my opinion, the dev will not pool you: * Projects built on the Arbitrum chain will be airdropped according to their contributions to the system * The ARB system is being extremely fomo, It's not like the devs just built a new one and the cap hasn't reached 1M yet, so the scam won't stick, it's just a waste of time. And in this round 1 I chose $Bet cap <500k cùng mảng betting với 1 con đang trend trong hệ lúc đó (quên tên rồi) để múc và dễ dàng x2,5 ngay sau đó. ## Vòng 2: Sau khi Bet x2,5 mình nhận thấy cả thị trường đều đang vào hàng các con trong hệ rất nhiệt dù token chính ARB vẫn chưa pump => which means there will be a correction here for the uptrend to continue. So I cashed out all of them, waited for ARB to collapse for 1 beat, and then chose a line to re-enter. I will see within the next 1 month (starting from March 28, ARB will have a pump) The reason consists of the following 2 things: * After ARB it is SUI’s turn to announce the token launch, so within that 1 month ARB has to increase otherwise I will miss the amount of fomo from the community. * The market increased 1 circuit from 20k to 30k without any adjustment => Surely there will be a correction * Summarizing from the above 2 things, I immediately entered the line of 2 NEUs and RAM (Picture 1), divided DCA capital 2 times, 1 time is when the token adjusts 10% to avoid it being inflated and the 2nd time is when BTC is sideways. The reason for choosing these two children is: * Search Twitter Advance (Picture 2) to see the low cap projects in the sights that are also mentioned a lot, updated from KOL and Insider (This is important) or from the homepage itself No more projects to evaluate how “will” fomo of users when the system pumps again. Besides, because of the children of debt like Trove or Pry, the shills are so evil, many swings are top and heavy butt (Cap cx is mid-range, so I ignore). And the NEU and RAM cap are too small after the adjustment is NEU > 1M and RAM ~ 5M. * Ram now opens staking up to more than 300% (Those floors that open staking with so much profit are all garbage, it’s doing it to pull money in => Possibility to pump 1 big in the next batch. float the project or will float). Result: Both NEU and RAM x2 but I still latched young, calculated to eat at 40% (My experience with low cap is enough profit to fall, plus dc, so the price is not very good) . Above is my entire share about the case study of the bull market wave with the recent Arbitrum system, hope that this article will be somewhat useful for you in your journey to conquer this market. Good luck guys! (My capital is small, so I don’t take pictures of the capital, don’t laugh. I mainly share my own experience)

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