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Really “power-saving” equipment helps reduce electricity bills by 40 – 50% per month

# **Really “power-saving” equipment helps to reduce 40 – 50% of electricity bills per month** This occasion the demand for electricity increases and it is also the time when there is a rampant sale of electric appliances on social networks. “energy saving” devices. ## **”Massive battle” equipment “saving electricity”** During the hot days, the electricity consumption of many families increases dramatically. Looking at the electricity bill, many people regret money. Taking advantage of this, on e-commerce sites appear a lot of advertising information about energy-saving devices. But are these devices really effective or is this just a gimmick to deceive consumers? Committed to reducing electricity bills by 40% after 1 month of use, refunding use if it is not effective, can reduce up to 50% of electricity consumption per month … these advertisements appear rampant, causing consumers to get lost “bewitching battle” of energy-saving products with hundreds of different models, types, origins and origins. The selling price also ranges from a few tens of thousands to over a million dong. Believing in advertising, a man spent more than 300,000 VND to buy a device. He said, according to the user manual, just plugging this device into the power source will reduce the electricity consumption by 30-40%, but the reality disappointed him. “The first month I thought it was an energy-saving device, the second month I used to consume more electricity. I called the shop again and they still said it was an energy-saving device,” the man said. To test whether the device is really as advertised on the Internet, it can reduce 30 – 40% of monthly electricity consumption, VTV reporter plugged the super-speed bottle into an electrical outlet connected to the power station. silk to see when boiling this water bottle, how much electricity is consumed? Accordingly, the initial reading of the electric meter is 1.9 kw/h. When the water tank is boiled, the meter reading is 2.0 kw/h. Thus, the power consumption is 0.1 kw/h. Continue experimenting with “saving electricity” also during the time it takes to boil 1 bottle of water to see if the power consumption when plugging this device into the mains is reduced or not? In fact, the electricity meter index, after boiling the water tank, has increased from 1.9 kw / h to 2.1 kw / h. Thus, the power consumption not only did not decrease but also increased by 0.1 kw/h. Find out the internal structure of the device advertised as having the ability to save electricity, experts also made similar comments. “The inside of this device is quite simple, consisting of only 1 capacitor, 1 circuit board consisting of 8 resistors, helping to illuminate Led bulbs. So it can be confirmed that this device is not capable of saving money. electricity as advertised,” said Mr. Duong Duc Lap – Electricity purchase and sale inspection and supervision department of Bac Ninh Power Company. According to experts, these devices only have the effect of compensating reactive power, reducing losses on the power system. Therefore, buying these devices is like throwing money out the window. Mr. Duong Duc Lap – Electricity purchase and sale inspection and supervision department of Bac Ninh Power Company said: “We recommend that people should not believe one-sidedly in advertising information, but must know how to check and compare information. information by contacting research units or customer service departments of power companies to avoid losing money unjustly because of purchasing poor quality electrical equipment or improperly advertised equipment. Real”. Before advertising information about energy-saving devices, the Vietnam Electricity Group also warned that this is just a trick to pickpocket consumers. ## **Electricity saving must be a habit** Saving electricity bills is a desire and a legitimate need of many families. But what if there are devices on the market that can slow down electricity meters and if people use these devices, what will happen? The answer is that the electricity industry will suffer. People using these devices will violate the regulations on electricity use and may be considered as electricity theft. When detected, the electricity bill will be arrears, even criminal penalties may be imposed. So what should be done to use electricity safely and economically? Each citizen must know how to use electricity properly and at the right time and choose electrical equipment with energy-saving technology according to the standards that have been appraised by the functional sector. Use LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. Using products with certification labels for energy saving, many stars… Mr. Nguyen Thai Son – Electricity purchase and sale inspection and supervision department Bac Ninh Power Company recommends: “During hot weather, people People should use equipment with high efficiency, with inverter or in other words inverter electrical equipment.In particular, with cooling equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators, it is necessary to pay attention to the insulation system, take advantage of natural light and ventilation. Adjust the temperature of the refrigerator and air conditioner appropriately, it is best to leave the air conditioner temperature above 26 degrees Celsius on hot days. Regular cleaning and maintenance, replacing old and outdated technology electrical equipment. Remember to turn off electrical equipment, it is best to disconnect the circuit breaker or unplug it from the power source when not in use. When detecting acts of trading in devices that are advertised as being able to save electricity, immediately notify the authorities or the Department of Competition and Consumer Protection. “When detecting acts of buying and selling, using low-quality or poor-quality electrical equipment as advertised, people should report it to the electricity industry or the nearest authorities to protect their own interests. them, protect the interests of the surrounding community, contribute to the same electricity industry to reduce power loss, build a safe and economical electricity user community”, said Mr. Nguyen Thai Son – Inspection and Supervision Department. electricity purchase and sale supervisor Bac Ninh Power Company recommends. The authorities also need to strictly control the false advertising of power-saving devices, contributing to protecting the interests of consumers.



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