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Reasons not to install new iOS on old iPhone

# ** Reasons not to install new iOS on old iPhone** **After the launch of **(iOS 17)(https://laodong.vn/cong-nghe/nhung-tinh-nang-ios- 17-not-dung-duoc-tren-iphone-cu-1202835.ldo)** At WWDC 2023, Apple has started rolling out a beta trial version for developers. Accordingly, devices from iPhone X and earlier will not be supported to upgrade to iOS 17.** (Apple)(https://laodong.vn/cong-nghe/apple-dang-chinh-phuc-thi) -truong-thuc-te-ao-theo-mot-cach-other-1203184.ldo) which is popular with users thanks to its long operating system support time. Unlike many Android phones that stop supporting the operating system after only 2 to 3 years of use, Apple extends its iOS support period up to 5 years. So many older iPhone users can still install the iOS version on their devices. However, the new operating system is not always better, especially on older iPhones. **Compatibility Question** New operating systems and software are evolving rapidly and it requires mobile devices to have powerful enough hardware to be able to run the new operating system. As a result, older devices with outdated hardware are at greater risk when installing iOS 17 because they cannot support the latest innovations. Even some phones are supported to install a new operating system, but it is not enough to keep them running smoothly. This problem can lead to problems like slow iPhone, freezes, or worst case, hardware damage due to overheating or overloading. It seems that Apple has also taken this into account when only giving the latest and most advanced features on high-end iPhones. Low-end iPhones will still be able to use iOS 17, but will not be able to get features that require powerful hardware. However, there is no guarantee that the user’s device will be stable when installing the new operating system. **Official operating system not yet released** iOS 17 beta or any other beta operating system is a beta version, not an official version. In the event that Apple launches iOS 17 beta, it is aimed at developers so that they can test the operability, check for errors or prepare the application for the new operating system, thereby finding bugs and areas for improvement. This is also an issue to note for iPhone users, when iOS beta versions still contain many bugs and unresolved issues. Installing a beta version of the operating system on a major device exposes users to security risks such as data loss, or hardware risks such as phone failure. **No technical support** One important thing to note is, (apple house)(https://laodong.vn/cong-nghe/apple-mua-cong-ty-khoi-nghiep-thuc- te-ao-tap-trung-vao-thi-truong-moi-1202034.ldo) will not be responsible for hardware problems caused when users install the iOS beta version on their devices. This poses a problem, when old devices with iOS 17 installed have problems, it will be more difficult for users to repair or return, which is a huge risk for customers.



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