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Reasons why Apple devices are safer than Android

## – Apple is known for its strong security measures. What does the company do to really take care of your device? *Apple devices are known for their high levels of security* If you’re worried about tracking, hacking, or malware, buying an Apple product is supposed to keep you safe from threats. this threat. But what makes Apple products different? Are they really better designed or just a side effect of better marketing? Here’s what Apple devices do to make them more secure. **first. Closed Ecosystem** Apple products are all part of a closed ecosystem. This means that Apple has control over everything from hardware to software. Not everyone likes this and it certainly isn’t always convenient. However, it has certain security benefits. Basically, Apple users can only download apps from the App Store. This largely prevents the download of potentially malicious applications. When you buy an Apple device, you also get a clean copy of iOS, nothing more. On the other hand, Android devices tend to use slightly different operating systems with many tweaks depending on the manufacturer. This can be beneficial in terms of usability but it can also lead to small security holes being discovered too late. **2. Regular updates** Apple devices are more likely to be updated than Android devices. When Apple releases a new version of its operating system, all Apple users, at least those with relatively new devices, are given the option to install that version. In just over six months, iOS 14 was installed on more than 90% of devices. Due to its open nature, Android does things a little differently. When an update is released, phone manufacturers and even data providers must ensure that their customers have access to a copy. This doesn’t always go well. Android 11 was released around the same time as iOS 14 but estimates suggest that only 25% of Android smartphones are using it within six months of its release. **3. App Store Rules** If someone wants to launch a massive attack on Apple devices, an app would be the perfect way to do it. To combat this, Apple is very careful about what they allow for sale on the App Store. Google’s policy for the Play Store is similar but not as robust. Apple is known to take longer than Google to consider what apps are uploaded. They also have much stricter rules in terms of tracking. As of iOS 14.5, if you want to upload apps to the App Store, you must disable tracking completely. Meanwhile, the Play store does not have this rule. As a result, many apps found on the platform still have questionable tracking policies. **4. Smaller market share** This is probably not intentional. But by keeping prices relatively high for Apple products, Apple inadvertently keeps market share down. And in doing so, Apple also reduces the number of security threats. According to a study, only about 26% of smartphones run on iOS. And when cybercriminals are deciding who to target, this is a number they are very aware of. Just because you’re an Apple user doesn’t mean you’re immune to cybercriminals. But that means the majority of active threats aren’t actually compatible with your device.



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