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Recently there are a lot of posts about plowing (airdrop)(Layer 1 project (Venom)(

**Recently there are a lot of posts about plowing (#airdrop)(https://twitter.com/hashtag/airdrop?src=hashtag_click) Layer 1 project (#Venom)(https://twitter.com) /hashtag/Venom?src=hashtag_click)** **However, no one has confirmed about the project’s 1B$ fund, so people don’t know if this is a good or fake project** Below is the information I have learned in the background. of Venom Foundation **1, Fund 1B$ ** * **The project is said to have a fund of 1B$ – a huge amount > surpasses Aptos or Sui **and is all backed by IceBerg Capital So IceBerg is which side? And do they really have a billion dollars? * **IceBergCap is a firm based in UAE Asset Undermanagement of the fund : Private Equity : 350M$ Deb Platform: 150M$ Public Market : 1.95B$ Hospitality & Real Estate : 7B$ Cryptocurrency : 980M$ Total Asset this fund manages : 10,043 B$** Fund information here: https://icebergcapital.ae/ **2, Core Team ** * Mustafa Kheriba – Chairman at IcebergCap and his Venom Foundation Background are mostly investment funds, banks store, Big Corp,… in UAE * Peter Knez – Ex CIO at Blackrock. He has also worked at Goldman Sachs and other VCs **Recently Iceberg and Venom partnered with Mubadala** **- a fund backed by the government of the United Arab Emirates** **Total Asset is backed by this fund manager : 284B$ Info : https://www.linkedin.com/company/mubadala/** With the participation of FAB – The largest bank in UAE, Hub71 and other parties such as Algorand, Polygon, SUI Blockchain, … With the support of the big hands (Government, Bank, Big Corp,…). I think the reason why the fund wants to leave the whole project alone to focus on developing CBDC – the biggest piece of cake that everyone cares about ( )(https://twitter.com/dipperdao/status/1651944031579176964/photo/1 ) In addition, I believe that in the future countries will have their own CBDC network => Each country has its own blockchain to manage. So if Venom is supported by the Arab government to build CBDC Project Vision would be much, much further away. Reading the tokenomic will see the project’s token vesting schedule for the Community for up to 7 years. So if you’re wondering whether to airdrop this child or not, just stay positive. Maybe this will be Aptos v2 1 source to verify my information: (https://linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7031970028904157184)(https://t.co/SKCeXmfOt7) (https://linkedin.com/company/mubadala/)(https://t.co/ATTTlVLg0Y) (https://hub71.com/whats-happening/articles/press-releases/abu-dhabi-launches- hub71-digital-assets-to-accelerate-growth-of-web3-startups-with-more-than-2-billion-in-funding-available/)(https://t.co/S3z34xwt2L)

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