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Redmi Note 12 review: Big numbers at a small price

# **Redmi Note 12 review: Big numbers at a small price** **Buy a smartphone, not everyone is obsessed with “using it for the future” but just “using it now” It’s okay.** Although it’s just a cheap and mid-range product line, Redmi Note still captures the attention of ordinary users because of its “bright spot” configurations in an accessible price range. It is not natural that up to now there have been 12 generations of this model, with the latest products to reach the Vietnamese market, the Redmi Note 12 5G Pro that we sent to readers in the last article, and “junior” ***Redmi Note 12 4G***. With a selling price of only ***4.99 million VND***, which is nearly half cheaper than the “5G Pro” version, what advantages does this machine keep to compliment and what weaknesses do buyers have to accept? ## Big numbers The very “cool” feature of the Redmi Note series is that it often has “big specs” despite its small price tag. As a savvy consumer, you certainly know that simply increasing the number “for enough KPIs” does not solve the problem, these configurations need to have practical use value. The screen of the machine is what has the largest number of numbers, and that is what I like most about this machine. True to the name Note, the Redmi Note 12 4G has a large 6.67-inch screen, with not-so-average configurations that are AMOLED panels and 120Hz refresh rate. This is not a flagship screen, I can say easily when placed next to high-end products. Even if I look closely I can see that this monitor has PWM flickering – a feature that adjusts screen brightness by having extra non-glow breaks. This phenomenon is difficult to capture, and not everyone is sensitive enough to notice, but it is still a factor that this is not a high-end panel. If you don’t notice this phenomenon, or this is just my fault, this is still a commendable screen. FullHD + resolution is enough to use on an AMOLED background with bold colors, and has 120Hz for smoother transition elements, not making us feel like there’s anything lacking. The larger the device, the more space for the battery, so the Redmi Note 12 4G has a battery of up to 5000 mAh. The combination of “tripod” between the large battery, energy-saving mid-range processor and the very demanding battery capacity of MIUI 13, there is no reason why Note 12 4G does not have outstanding usage time. . In a continuous viewing of Youtube livestream for 2 hours, the device only lost 10% of the battery, the amount of standby battery lost was very little, almost negligible. The camera also has a large number that is the main camera with a resolution of 50MP. But as evaluated many times, a high-resolution camera does not mean high image quality, there is no shortage of cheap smartphones with 48, 64 dot cameras but without the processing ability, it will still create “range” photos. usually” only. Redmi Note 12 4G generally gives decent photos, moderate definition, neutral colors, so it doesn’t need to be corrected much to look like reality. The bokeh effect is not capable of creating depth as well as the flagship devices, but cutting subjects including hair and glasses is quite accurate. The commendable point of the Redmi Note 12 4G is that besides the 2MP macro camera, it is quite difficult to use and the image quality is not high unless in the best lighting conditions, the device has an additional 8MP ultra-wide camera to capture landscapes. There is no shortage of machines that will change this camera to a depth sensor, no more focal length to change! The “good” points but not a big configuration include the square design of the device, so you can hold it firmly in your hand, the device is always provided with a flexible plastic case with a charging port block, the color scheme is not too simple. Colorful, dust and light water resistant IP53, has a 3.5mm port and the ability to receive infrared waves has made the name of the models from Redmi – Xiaomi. ## Chip is not superior, but not everyone needs a lot of “popular” points that cheap smartphones can’t hide with a huge number of chips because the numbering has been lost by Qualcomm! The Snapdragon 685 of the Note 12 4G is actually a slightly increased version of the Snapdragon 680 of the Note 11 4G, and of course there is no suspicious “beast” power. The chip does not have 5G, which you can easily recognize in the name of the product, so it will not be possible to use the latest network if going through supported areas. But also think, many people buy smartphones to use with simple tasks of surfing the web, watching movies and sometimes playing 1 or 2 games of online games, not “plowing rank”, playing heavy games all day. Moreover, it must be said that the current 5G in Vietnam has not yet reached the “mature”, only at a few points and the speed is not superior to 4G at all. In the price range, there will be another option, Realme 9 Pro for VND 4.99 million, using a more powerful chip, Snapdragon 695 5G with higher performance and also with 5G. On the contrary, choosing realme will be a trade-off of having to use an LCD screen, not an AMOLED, in the end it is still a trade-off! ## 5 million but not 5 million The selling price of Redmi Note 12 4G starts at VND 4.99 million with a 4GB RAM machine, but will be expensive to VND 5.79 million for the 8/128GB version. On the contrary, buying at major distributors such as Mobile World and CellphoneS in the first time users are “given big” accessories such as Xiaomi Buds 3 headphones or Redmi Watch 3 watches, all priced at the same price. listed over 2.5 million. If you don’t take the gift, the price will be deducted directly from 500,000 VND, but I personally think that getting the gift is still “better”, because headphones and smartwatches are both useful accessories.



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