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Regain iPhone space after a few steps

While your iPhone’s memory is limited, it is still filled with memories and interesting videos every day…

And one day the full capacity notification will be sent, and you won’t be able to update iOS, take more photos, record videos, and of course, can’t download many apps.

You can move large files to the cloud or delete them. That requires you to pay extra or be willing to give them up.

And this is when you need some small tricks built right into iOS to free up iPhone memory. Two settings can help you – 1 is permanent and 1 is temporary.

  1. Optimize photos and videos

By default, every time you take a photo or record a video. Your device will save in resolution.

And if you choose to shoot and record at the highest possible resolution. They will take up quite a bit of space. For example, 1 minute of video recording in 4K at 60 frames per second will take up about 400 MB.

To optimize them, go to Settings > Photos and turn on Optimize iPhone Storage. You need to enable iCloud Photos before this feature works.

This process can take quite a while depending on how many photos and videos are on your iPhone. A significantly larger you’ll find your device’s storage space.

It’s conceivable that all full-resolution photos and videos will be moved to iCloud, leaving only smaller, lower-resolution copies on iPhone. If you need higher resolution photos, you can re-download them from iCloud.

  1. Reduce application size

Not any App (application) that is pre-installed or installed by you yourself on your iPhone will be used by you. Even if you use them occasionally, you should consider removing them temporarily in case you really need space . When upgrading iOS, for example.

You need to go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and check which Apps are taking up the most space. Note that you can’t offload some of the built-in apps like Photos and Messages.

If you find a fairly large and rarely used App, tap it and then Offload App.

This frees up space on the App but retains documents and data so you can restore them if needed.

Then go to the App Library and tap the iCloud button to reload them. If the App is still on the home screen, just tap it to reload it.

You won’t have to re-login or do anything because the App will reappear as if it was never deleted. If the App reappears, you won’t have to re-login or do anything.

You can do this as many times as you need until you have enough space. And if you have never and will never use the aforementioned App, you have the Delete App button available.



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