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Remarkable revelations about Apple’s M3 and M3 Pro chip power

## **The Cupertino giant is said to have tested two products in its next processor family, M3 and M3 Pro.** According to *SlashGear*, (Apple)( .vn/apple-c55e3987.html) there are still a few M2-powered Mac models scheduled to be released later this year, but it looks like the company has already started testing the next generation of M3 processors. your next generation. According to the latest edition of Bloomberg’s PowerOn newsletter, Apple has begun putting multiple variants of the M3 silicon in beta. One of the most important upgrades of the new chip line is the manufacturing process. Compared to TSMC’s upgraded 5nm process-based M2 series, the M3 series will make a huge leap forward with the 3nm process. Theoretically, this should lead to improvements in efficiency and power efficiency. But in addition to upgrading inherent manufacturing technology, Apple is also shaping the M3 generation to strengthen the core architecture. The first batch of products with the M3 series processors will appear later this year or early next year. Among them are the MacBook Air models, the next-generation MacBook Pro with the M3 Pro and M3 Max chips inside, and the iMac. In addition to the standard M3 variant, Apple is said to be testing a more powerful M3 Pro variant. The company also seems to be using the dual cluster design of the M2 Pro, equipping it with six P cores to do the heavy lifting and one E core to handle lighter tasks. The M3 Pro will follow the same upgrade path as the previous M2 Pro and M1 Pro. Bloomberg’s report reveals that the M3 Pro will have 12 CPU cores, 2 more than its predecessor. Apple is also adding 2 more graphics processing cores to the M3 Pro. Bloomberg also speculates that the M3 Max will switch to a new design with 14 CPU cores and no less than 40 graphics cores. It’s no surprise that Apple is also reportedly testing the M3 Ultra in secret. According to the report, this highest-end silicon will have up to 28 CPU cores along with an 80-core GPU, a huge leap over the M1 Ultra.



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