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Remove this eavesdropping app from your smartphone now

## **Tens of thousands of smartphones running Android operating system have downloaded an application to eavesdrop on users.** The above information has just been published by security experts at ESET (Slovakia) security company. published on Bleeping Computer. “We have just discovered a type of remote access malware (RAT) lurking inside the ‘iRecorder – Screen Recorder’ app on the Google Play app store (Google)” – security expert at ESET said. This malicious app is capable of tracking the device’s location, stealing call logs, contacts, text messages, sending SMS messages, taking pictures and recording background sounds. “The malicious application can also automatically access the device’s microphone to record audio after certain periods of time,” the security expert emphasized. ESET’s team of security experts reported the incident to Google colleagues. After receiving the information, Google Play removed the application from the store’s inventory. “The developer of iRecorder has also made other applications available on the Play store. They do not currently contain malicious code, but users also need to be very vigilant,” said Lukas Stefanko, security expert at ESET. More than 50,000 phone downloads ( app “iRecorder – Screen Recorder” before it was removed from the Google store Play. Therefore, if any user has installed it, it is necessary to quickly remove them from their device to avoid tracking and eavesdropping. “iRecorder – Screen Recorder” is posted to Google Play in September 2021. Initially, this application is fully compliant with Google’s regulations and privacy policy. However, in an update about a year later, the developers quietly integrated malicious code into the app.



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