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(Removed, mortified, mortified)

1) We profit from Buy Low – Sell High, But most Player buy only when the price is High, sell when the price is low 2) When the market is high, the crowd always expects to go low to buy. When the market is low, they are not confident enough to buy, they wait for the market to rise again to be safe. 3) Every time I need to withdraw money, the price drops, when I don’t need to withdraw, the price goes up, so they choose to deposit that account, because someone told me, “Need to be good” 4) At the market Ideally, we have to buy a little bit of anything when we encounter it, not looking at the price….When the market goes down, we have to watch the price, and sell the things we need to keep. 5) When the market goes up, with money and time left over, I don’t think to spend it on “Learning knowledge”. When the market goes down, We have to cut our losses to go “Learning knowledge” 6) The crowd always expects the price to go up, when the price goes up they are afraid of the price ….will go up again, if closing 7) 7) Just like that. Every time BTC has a good price, to enter, it is as if the price of USDt is extremely high… And every time the profit is quite USDt, the value of usdt decreases significantly. 80% Losers in the market, only 20% Winners, even less. But 80% of people still expect to be in the group of 20% 9) Everyone who enters this Financial market is for “Money”. But looks and actions don’t show it, most of them come in because of Passion, for the community, because……that’s all 10) 80% of people who read the above see me among them.

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