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Repairman ‘tips’ to save iPhone 13 Pro Max screen

## With only two extra thin copper wires connected to the neck of the screen cable connected to the motherboard, the iPhone 13 Pro Max screen error that caused a “headache” for users in the past time has been resolved. . The screen of iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max recently appeared error of display loss, only blue, white or pink, but Apple has not yet announced the official reason. While the product warranty becomes difficult, users only have the option of replacing the new screen, which costs about 8-10 million VND. Recently, some repairers in China have posted a video about this error and how to fix it. The above content was quickly followed and successfully applied by many people working in iPhone repair in Vietnam with a much cheaper cost and also simpler than replacing a new screen. According to Mr. QH, the owner of a phone repair shop in Ho Chi Minh City, the cause of the white screen is damaged by the screen cable neck – the connection area between the cable neck and the circuit, which plays the role of signal transmission. signal to the screen. “In the past, when an error appeared on the iPhone, many people tried squeezing or replacing the new cable neck, but no one succeeded because the circuit burned was too deep, while the circuit was very small and the solder tip could not be reached,” QH said. know. He said that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max screen error originates from the 120 Hz refresh rate that is too high, causing the use process to generate a lot of heat for a long time, causing fire and breaking the cable neck. To save the machine, the worker “fished” the copper wire connecting the two circuits behind the screen together, often called “borrowing voltage”, but the location for wiring was not disclosed specifically. “Fishing like this is to switch the signal line from one side to the other side of the circuit. If this line is damaged, then switch to another route, but it is impossible to do it directly on the cable neck because the solder tip and wire are too big for comparison. the size of the circuit board”, a technician explained further. However, this may be a temporary solution because so far no technician is sure how long the fishing plan will keep the machine working before the problem returns. “The problem of fire under the cable neck is not completely solved by fishing, but only a temporary countermeasure,” Mr. QH emphasized. Regarding the cost, there are many parties who receive repair by the above-mentioned form of wiring with the cost ranging from 500,000 VND to 2 million VND. Compared to the amount of money to spend to replace a new screen, this is still an economical option for consumers at the present time. But this can also pose a risk to the user afterwards. In Vietnam, used iPhone is always a popular item, especially new models. The purchase, sale and exchange of old machines is mainly based on the trust between the two parties in the transaction, the buyer is less skilled in checking the details of the device’s components, but only testing the features, as long as it is fully operational. enough as designed. “It will be inevitable that the buyer who buys the old device does not know that the iPhone they intend to own has had a screen error and is skillfully hooked to fix it. And the seller wants to push the hand quickly to avoid risks. Risks and instability can happen at any time,” said a technology expert. Screen error iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max also appears on the new generation of iPhone 14 Pro, Pro Max, but with a lower rate. Authorized warranty centers in Vietnam have also been overloaded in the past time due to a large number of faulty equipment, causing a shortage of components, forcing users to wait for the company to import more. The warranty period extends from 2 weeks (standard) to 3 or 4 weeks depending on time.



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