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Rescue the kidnapped 11-year-old girl thanks to the iPad feature

## (LDO) – Thanks to the location feature of the iPad, the Pennsylvania State Police – USA successfully rescued a girl kidnapped by bad guys. *DTrends* describes an 11-year-old girl cycling alone to visit her sister in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On the way, the girl stopped at a roadside gas station to rest. Here, the girl becomes the target of a strange man. Surveillance camera footage shows the man approaching the girl. The two talked for about 20 minutes before the girl climbed into the man’s car and left, leaving the bike at the gas station. When her sister did not come as scheduled, the older sister became worried and informed the police. During the investigation, the police discovered the bicycle she left at the gas station. The family said that the girl was carrying an iPad at the time of her disappearance. The police used the search app “Find My” and fortunately discovered that the girl’s iPad was still working. Based on the location information of the iPad provided by the application, the police found an apartment in the town of South Greensburg, also in the state of Pennsylvania and successfully rescued the girl who was kidnapped by 43-year-old Keith Lillyock. “Find My” is an application introduced by Apple in 2019 to replace the “Find my iPhone” application. The “Find My” application helps users to locate lost or stolen Apple devices, from iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods or MacBook… When Apple devices are connected to the internet. , the application will immediately determine the current location of the device through GPS positioning to send it to the user’s iCloud account. From there, users can determine the exact location of the device, helping to find the lost or stolen device. In addition to the ability to locate, the “Find My” feature also allows users to delete data on the device to prevent important and private data from falling into the wrong hands. After being rescued, the 11-year-old girl said she was lured into a car by Keith Lillock to take her to her sister. However, he then drove her home and acted rudely. Keith Lillyock is currently in police custody. The victim’s family declined to comment on the incident but emphasized luck because the girl had brought an iPad with her so that the police could successfully locate the rescue.



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