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Research A ⇒ Z Roadmap for beginners!

> *Hello guys! Research skill is what helps you to increase your internal very well, you can find your own bets, evaluate the rafters/markets and don’t need to follow anyone’s fomo. So how to get started with it? Is it difficult and troublesome? I tried to make it as short as possible! Let’s read the route and get the answer!!* # **I. What is research?** **Concept**: Research is the process of researching and gathering information about Crypto projects and markets to better understand them and make the best investment decisions. Research helps you increase the probability of making money and reduce the risk when participating in this crypto market. Researcher has the ability to read and study whitepapers, monitor macro and micro market information, do technical and fundamental analysis, learn about the community and market sentiment, positive and negative reviews of projects and cryptocurrencies, thereby making investment decisions based on personal analysis. **There will be important things to pay attention to:** * Market structure: Market structure, how the market/project works. If you master the market structure, you will understand what Sharks, MMs do with the project, know when to enter and exit the line. * Fundamental analysis: Analyze the project overview, its potentials and make the best judgment. * Technical analysis: The key to grasp the trend, entry, take profit and stoploss. * Assess project potential. # **II. Research Roadmap from A to Z** To start becoming a researcher, you don’t have to go to the website of a certain project, read the whitepaper or check a few telegrams, twitter, and that’s it. But for an accurate assessment, there are other factors that need to be considered. And what is that? ## **Step 1. Know the basics of crypto** This is very important, during research you will encounter many basic to advanced technology terms, if you do not know, it will be difficult to accurately evaluate! * Crypto Terms * What is Blockchain? Its application? * Hot wallet, cold wallet * What is DEX, CEX, POW, POS? How are they different * Layer0, layer 1, layer 2 * Web 2, web3.. * Staking, Farming The market has a lot of pieces, I just listed some basic knowledge that should be grasped, and a lot is still waiting behind. You should learn all of these first. Get an overview of the market, and can refer to this article ( or go to ( to learn more. ## **Step 2. Grasp the Market Structure** Sharks, if they don’t follow the structure, will lose money as usual and what we do when researching is to understand the Market structure, it is an extremely important element to determine whether the project should be at that time or not? Suppose, that project is extremely good but is in the stage of distribution and sale, then buying is definitely going to peak. And holding capital for a long time because I have to wait to accumulate goods again!! Market structure consists of 3 phases: 1. Accumulation phase: Long sidesway, small volume, depressed, lots of FUD 1. Growth phase: Breaking support/resistance forming a clear trend 1. Distribution phase: Take profit. And Little Cloud has a detailed article on (Market structure)(, with detailed illustrative examples! ## **Step 3. Focus on learning market research, crypto projects** **A. Fundamental analysis:** When analyzing the market, what components should potential projects pay attention to? Important factors inside and outside: * The project itself will include factors such as: What is the revenue model of the project? Who is Team DEV? Tokennomics, backer and community, KOL… * External factors: Macro-economics, micro-economics, political economy, culture and FUD news, price push, Fear index.. * The core here evaluates whether it has actual value or not? Or is it over-hyped? Valuing project potential is not easy. Make (proper investment with value)( of it. (a detailed article) **B. Technical analysis**t: Practice using technical indicators; RSI, EMA, Ichi clould…candlestick patterns, to find entry, stop loss, take profit . It is advisable to master several indicators and develop your own strategy. * Some good methods like: Price action, Wyckoff… **C. Onchain analysis**: Analyze crypto data, know how to guess MM, what does the bookie do? And this skill is difficult, there are tools like Nasen, watcher, Arkham…. I’m not familiar with this, look for other onchain posts in the group. A few names: Phan Dat, Pham noi tuong, Date nerd… ==> Once you master these skills, you will initially become a researcher. ## Step 4. : Perform actual valuation analysis. * Assess the value of a cryptocurrency based on fundamental and technical factors. Apply what you have learned to start analyzing the real project. Learning must go hand in hand with practice, if you want to improve your skills: * Have real combat experience: Once you have mastered the first steps, practice by yourself, with real combat experience, you will be more sensitive to the market. It is also very easy to get accurate information. * Compare competing projects and cryptocurrencies to determine the position and potential of competition: For example, avax with SOL, BNB with ETH, or LTC with ETC…. * Know how to read Whitepaper, tokennomics, FDV, market cap, Total supply, token unlock schedule… ## **Step 5: Build your own Research method:** Once you have mastered the knowledge and research methods, you should create your own method/research framework! **Benefits:** * Save time, more knowledge data. * Advanced, more accurate date research capabilities from multiple sources. > **I will take an example of how I Research: I always prioritize 2 points: 1 is when the project can be bought, how long to hold? 2 is the project sustainable, is the valuation right with its true value?** **With 1:** Using technical analysis, check support, resistance, trend. check what stage of the market structure it is ⇒ Find a buy point. Combined with macro news research, is it too affected? avoid the case that all good indicators are broken by BTC :vv **With 2**: Fundamental analysis: From active community, to who is DEV? Have you ever done any project (on Linkedin, reddit, have as wide a network as possible), what is its revenue model, from where?? Real use case or not? Sustainable or not? Ponzi like Luna die!! * In some cases, I can check onchain (thanks to you haha), to see if the fish has gathered a lot. Combining Market structure and onchain is the most optimal. **And you will bring your own principles, research order for logic, the most convenient.** ## **Step 7: Improve skills and practice continuously** All skills need time to hone, continue to learn and research to update knowledge about the Crypto market. Practice research and apply knowledge in practice to improve your research skills. **Tips:** * Should know how to re-evaluate after the research, see if it goes with the statement or not? * Learn from others, who have previous experience to point out mistakes, gradually improve their methods. Go to twitter follow the KOLs to share the narrative, have a lot of knowledge to learn. ## **Step 8: Always be patient, don’t give up** Always be patient in the process of learning and developing skills, sometimes it’s wrong, don’t give up, it takes a lot of time to become a master. If you have a money-demanding mindset, if you want to upgrade your skills, you can upgrade. # **III. Important Note** Above are the steps to become a researcher for those who want to get started. Having to know these takes time and effort to cultivate and to have much more in-depth knowledge. Not only projects on DEX but also CEX, check contracts… so many. Therefore, always be in the mindset of always learning and ready to accept new challenges. If you see anything missing, you can add.

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