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Retroacitve & Airdrop.

*The piece of cake is both “**fat”** and “**bright**” in the crypto market.* The market has no money in or trends, Then Retroactive emerged like a wave. Make many brothers pick up “jackfruit leaves” and change it into $. There are also many brothers who have asked me, gathered together for you to look forward to. **- How long for a retroactive project: **About 6 – 12 months/project or even longer. Deposits also take longer **- Cost: **About 15-100$/wallet is what it costs: gas cost, cost of holding nft or ETH but it’s all there Mostly Opportunity Cost . – **What projects often airdrop**: Downtrend is the season of Airdrop, because L1,L2 people will clean tokens and they have a very long time to collect tokens after paying the Airdrop to be able to prepare for the upcoming event. bullsau season. The typical case that launches when Uptrend is ICP and also becomes Uptrend! **- How much is enough with Retroactive: **For non-specialists 10 quality accounts are always better than a few hundred poor quality accounts, projects focus on actual users, not cheaters or symbil. **- Resource management:** Less is simpler and more efficient. When to expand -> optimize -> clone, cloning is the last step when doing retro. For me, I currently only have 100 accounts and have many problems **- How do I know the project will have Retro: ** Well, whoever works on the project wants to launch Token. And of course Devs it also holds the majority of Token Airdrop 50-70%, The rest is devs for retro brothers in the devs’ way. – Each project is different, no one is like him in terms of Retro. Like to catch each other’s cards P/s: It’s all about the world, Any brothers who are plowing retro raise their arms

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