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Revealing the concept of the “super product” OnePlus smartphone.

Revealing the concept of the “super product” the OnePlus smartphone will be released at the end of this month.
The image of a high-end smartphone with a “destructive” price has appeared with a super pitiful appearance.

As planned, OnePlus will introduce a new concept smartphone at the Mobile World Congress – MWC (Mobile World Congress), scheduled to take place in Barcelona (Spain) next week.

Now, images of the OnePlus 11 concept have appeared, showing that the back of the phone is equipped with light strips and a larger camera cluster than the standard version. The blue bands will cover the entire back of the phone and surround the camera assembly.

According to the manufacturer, OnePlus 11 Concept is placed inside a monolithic glass design, bold “future”. This idea was inspired by the stillness and immense power of a glacial lake.

In addition to the images, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau posted an introductory video of the OnePlus 11 Idea. He added that the premium phone will showcase “an industry first technology” that has won followers. very curious.



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