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Rich people also cry: iPhone 15 revealed an unbelievable high price, Pro Max version is nearly 70 million dong?

# ** Rich people also cry: iPhone 15 revealed an incredibly high selling price, Pro Max version is nearly 70 million dong?** **According to a recent source, the price of iPhone 15 Pro Max may increase to the point more than 50%, an unprecedented number. This may cause many people to hesitate when paying for the Apple house.** Recently, rumors about the iPhone 15 series have continuously appeared, making Apple fans anxious to wait. This year’s new iPhone series is expected to possess many changes, with breakthroughs from design to performance. However, the price of the product can also surprise many people when carrying expensive improvements. Specifically, according to a source shared on Weibo, Apple plans to increase the maximum storage capacity available on the iPhone 15 Pro Max (or iPhone 15 Ultra) to 2 TB. This variant is said to cost $2,906 (about VND 68.2 million). This is about 53% higher than the iPhone 14 Pro Max 1 TB, listed for $1,890 on, a popular Chinese e-commerce platform. Most likely, Apple will keep the 2TB storage level exclusively for the iPhone 15 Ultra/Pro Max to set itself apart from the rest of the lineup. However, this is just an unconfirmed rumor. In fact, information about Apple increasing the price of iPhone 15 Pro / Pro Max has been rumored many times before. According to Jeff Pu, a technology market analyst at Haitong International Securities – an investment fund based in Hong Kong (China), iPhone15 Pro/Pro Max is likely to be more expensive than its predecessors Pro/Pro Max. . Pu predicts that iPhone15 Pro/Pro Max will increase in price based on rumors about hardware upgrades on these two models, including titanium frames, in-body physical buttons with haptic vibration, A17 Bionic chip, and increased price. RAM and a lens assembly to increase optical zoom. Another source in China has also confirmed that Apple will raise the price of iPhone 15 Pro / Pro Max compared to its predecessors. Specifically, iPhone15 Pro / Pro Max will start at $ 1,299, higher than the $ 1,099 price of the 128 GB iPhone 14 Pro Max. Meanwhile, the 1TB version will be $ 1,799. However, the starting internal memory capacity of the new iPhone is expected to be from 256 GB, instead of 128 GB as today. According to Notebookcheck, no matter how much the increase, the high price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is inevitable. The product is said to come with the world’s thinnest bezel design, which means production costs will increase. One reason comes from the A17 Bionic chip manufactured on the 3nm process that the product will equip.



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