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Russian iPhone replacement phones can’t sell 1,000 units

## **Introduced by the Russian government in October 2021 as an ideal alternative to the iPhone, this phone has not achieved the expected success in its home market.** Government Russia currently bans all employees and employees related to national policy from using iPhones because of concerns about data tracking. Basically, the iPhone is seen by the Russian government as a hidden “door” to capture confidential information from the Russian government. To support its employees, in October 2021, AYYA T1 was introduced by the Russian government and put on sale right after its official launch. According to available information, 5,000 units of AYYA T1 have been produced, but so far only 905 smartphones have been sold. This means that only 18% of the total number of phones produced reaches consumers more than a year after they are officially available in stores. AYYA T1 itself is developed by Smartecosystems – a subsidiary of Rostec Corporation – an enterprise supported by the Russian government. However, the production of the phone is left to a manufacturer in China. At the present time, the price of the AYYA T1 is only about 170 EUR (4.38 million VND), equivalent to 50% of the original value. It should be noted that the appearance of AYYA T1 at launch was supported by the Russian government. Therefore, the dismal sales for the product after more than a year of release will make many people feel disappointed, especially with a country as large as Russia. In other words, it was a failure on a large scale. AYYA T1 has some similarities in design with iPhone X. However, its features are different when it comes with a 6.55-inch screen, 4,000 mAh battery, runs Android 11 operating system and comes with a chip. MediaTek Helio P70. They also come in different colors based on the plastic case design. Details of other technical features such as RAM or internal memory of the product are not given. In short, the AYYA T1 is a mid-range smartphone with nothing particularly interesting. The most notable feature on this product is a button placed on the side that enhances user privacy by not only turning off the camera but also the microphone. Finally, both Apple and Samsung have now stopped selling smartphones in Russia. This market is currently dominated by Xiaomi for three years.



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