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Sad news: YouTube increases the price of Premium package, why should it?

**The price of YouTube Premium personal subscription increased by 2 USD (about 47 thousand VND), to 13.99 USD (about 331 thousand VND) per month in the US. YouTube hasn’t announced this price increase yet, but new US subscribers can already see the price increase via the subscription website.** That means, from the old price of $11.99, YouTube Premium now has a new price of 13.99 USD/month (about 331 thousand VND). If you register from the YouTube app on (iOS)(https://www.thegioididong.com/dtdd?g=iphone-ios), the price will be 18.99 USD (about 449 thousand VND). At the end of last year, the Premium subscription for the family increased sharply to 22.99 USD/month (about 544 thousand VND). This price remains the same to this day. The annual subscription package increased by 20 USD (about 470,000 VND), to 139.99 USD (about 3.1 million VND). The last time YouTube increased the price of YouTube Premium (formerly known as “Red”) was in 2018. YouTube also increased the price of Music Premium to 10.99 USD (about 260 thousand VND) per month, from the old price of 9.99 USD (approx. 236 thousand dong). This comes as (Apple)(https://thegioididong.com/dtdd-apple-iphone) and Amazon have made similar moves in the past year, YouTube is also tightening the ad blocking issue. As there is no official announcement yet, it is unclear how registered users will be affected. At this time, the YouTube Premium account of a writer on 9to5Google still retains the old price. YouTube Premium, in addition to removing ads, also allows the use of YouTube Music and downloads. Other features include Premium 1080p, watch together on Google Meet, try out new features and much more.



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