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Samsung lost the exclusive screen supply for the iPhone 15 Series

A new report claims, on the iPhone 15 series, Samsung Display will no longer be the exclusive display supplier for any version.

Previously, Samsung Display was the exclusive supplier of screens for Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Plus pairs. In addition, the Korean company also received orders to supply OLED screens for iPads.

However, according to sources from screen analyst Ross Young, each version in the iPhone 2023 series will use multiple suppliers.

Ross Young said: “Although Samsung Display exclusively provides screens for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Plus, on the iPhone 15 series, it will no longer provide exclusive screens for either version.”

This news comes after a report in September 2022 said that Apple is transferring more iPhone 14 Pro screen orders to Samsung.

In fact, previous iPhone models used multiple display vendors. Therefore, if the above prediction is correct, “Apple Defect” is returning to the strategy of diversifying sourcing, avoiding dependence on “rival” Samsung.

Previously, Samsung once lost an order for iPad Pro screens from Apple because it did not prioritize the dual-panel OLED system according to Apple’s wishes. The Korean “tycoon” then tried to win back this order.



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