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Samsung will soon provide OLED screens for MacBook Pro

# **Samsung will soon supply OLED displays for MacBook Pro** **Samsung will produce technologically advanced OLED displays for MacBook Pro by 2025, at least a year earlier than competitors and also soon **According to *AppleInsider*, 8th generation OLED displays are said to be difficult to manufacture for large sizes, but they offer lower power consumption and faster processing. New changes to better display quality while maintaining battery life. Creating factory lines to produce screens costs billions of dollars and takes a long time, so companies have been hesitant to invest. For example, in the Mac 2023, leaks show that sales of Macs have declined, meaning display manufacturers are concerned about how many screens Apple will order and how much they will pay for the screens. how much. Now, a report from *The Elec* says that Samsung Display has started investing in 8th generation OLED, while LG Display and possibly BOE will invest more slowly. LG Display has to delay because of losses incurred in the process of switching from LCD to OLED, and BOE is currently having difficulty in producing iPhone screens. Samsung Display announced that it will start producing 8th generation OLED screens in 2-3 years. It took about another year for a production line to be assembled and ramped up, but Samsung still decided to buy the equipment to make it happen. The stated time period means that Samsung Display is expected to produce 8th-generation OLED displays between mid-2025 and mid-2026. LG Display has yet to purchase 8th-generation OLED production equipment and *The Elec * assumes this company will be at least a year behind Samsung Display. At a conference in Seoul (Korea), UBI Research analyst Choong Hoon Yi said that regardless of the delay, LG Display is still guaranteed to take orders from Apple. Meanwhile, BOE does not guarantee orders. Currently, manufacturers are producing 6th generation OLED screens for devices like the iPhone. The 8th generation screen is made in a larger sheet form than the 6th generation, at 2,200 x 2,500mm instead of 1,500 x 1,850mm. The screens used in devices like the iPhone and MacBook Pro are then cut from those large panels. Overall, the report from *The Elec* counters the recent claim that production difficulties with the 8th-generation OLED display mean Apple won’t be producing MacBook Pros with the display until 2027. .



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