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Samsung’s flagship change plan

# **Samsung’s flagship changeover plan** **Samsung tries to keep loyal users of the Note series, so that they don’t switch to another brand when the old product is dead.** Samsung currently maintains 2 flagship line in Vietnam, Galaxy S and Z. The once-loved Note series has stopped launching new devices since 2020. The Galaxy Z model has a new and unique feature of folding screen, helping the company attract a group of customers. are using iPhone. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S takes on the task of converting users who are using lower-end Samsung devices and the Galaxy Note series. ## Folding line doesn’t replace Note It’s been 3 years since the last Galaxy Note was released. In theory, the Z Fold and Z Flip series of folding phones are new options, replacing the famous product range that is more than 10 years old. The Z series is also positioned in the high-end segment, aimed at business users who need equipment for work. The Korean company launched this device in the second half of the year, at an event originally for the Note series. In fact, this is not entirely correct. The removal of the Galaxy Note is part of Samsung’s flagship streamlining plan. Maintaining 3 high-end models within a year causes great pressure on the research and development team, costly communication costs… Therefore, only Galaxy S and Z are kept. In addition, the positioning and goals of the Galaxy Z and Note are not the same. Answer *Zing,* Samsung Vina representative said that folding phones bring high conversion rates in Vietnam. According to the company’s data, the majority of customers who buy the Z series are new users. Before that, they used flagships from other brands, mostly iPhones. Therefore, with new elements in technology and experience, the Z series is responsible for attracting first-time customers to the Samsung ecosystem. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S range gradually inherits the outstanding features of the Note series. Currently, the Galaxy S23 Ultra model has a large screen, an S Pen, a note-taking feature, and a task support. This is almost a Note device, minus the name. ## Retaining Note users However, this switch also causes Note users to be “abandoned”. According to Nguyen Vu Duy Khoa, Administrator of the Galaxy Note user community in Vietnam, the company’s pen line has its own personality, attracting more fans. After the epidemic period, the new Galaxy Note product was no longer launched, many users switched to the new brand. Mr. Quang Minh, living in Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City, a longtime Galaxy Note customer changed to iPhone after his favorite model was discontinued. On the other hand, the current flagship race is not only Samsung and Apple. In Vietnam, Oppo, Xiaomi, vivo, Oneplus and Sony also trade in expensive models, over 20 million VND. As a result, the world’s largest phone maker could lose this group of customers to emerging competitors. Samsung has many moves to keep this group of high-end product line users with the brand. In 2022, when confirming the cessation of Galaxy Note production, the representative of the Korean company announced that the old generation will be available through the S Ultra line. This is like a way to direct customers to the new line of machines. In Vietnam, Samsung also organized a gratitude program for Galaxy Note users. “This is Samsung’s way to retain users, transforming the customer group from the Note series to the S series,” Khoa told* Zing.* In addition, many Galaxy S buyers are Samsung customers before. Mr. Tran Xuan Nam, Samsung product manager of FPT Shop system, said that Galaxy S users have been transformed from previous Samsung device customers. Those are Galaxy A and Galaxy J users who need to upgrade to more advanced products.



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