Friday, February 23, 2024


Ask permission from Mr. Nguyen Ba Vuong for me to post Help my community of traders to be strong and avoid being scammed. Then I would like to give the subject of fb as Oliver Doan. His real name is Doan Khac Quang, who came out with the crime of scamming students to steal money and block. This object often posts posts showing off profits in groups to create the trust of new inexperienced people in the market. Currently, this subject has scammed a practitioner $500 and several other practitioners. With the trick of selling the course in a vague way, this object cheats and appropriates assets and then blocks. After paying, this subject taught knowledge unrelated to the lesson, said crap, and always considered himself good. Bad service has caused some customers to lose their property. Please everyone be wary of this object Course content, only after you learn it, you will know that you have been scammed: Transfer content I would like to leave below the cmt part

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