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Should check what a day in the crypto market

> Crypto market is growing rapidly every day, news is released continuously. Sometimes all it takes is a little sleep to make you “dark”. So how to fight the “dark age” and what to check in a new day to catch up with trends and cash flow. Or is there currently a lot of information sites but you don’t know how to filter the information? **Check cash flow and news one day. **This is the thing to do every morning, it’s basic but the most important. Usually I will check the cash flow in two places. One is to check TVL in Defillama to see if there has been a strong increase in ecosystems in the past 1 day and 7 days? The second is to check the top gainer of major exchanges such as Binance, OKX, Huobi, .. Usually, if you check, check mainly on Binance, but if more generally, other exchanges as well. When you’re done, take notes and check those ecosystems, check those top gainers. Check TVL then we will use ( Go to Defillma=> Defi=> Select Chain and then click arrange TVL 1d and 7d in order from largest to little. Checking topgainer, I often use the website. ( => Go to Exchange=> Select the exchange you want to test => Select pair then sort the top 24h gainer . Cryptometer also has a pretty good item that is Volume Flow, which can check net selling cash flow and buying cash flow. Everyone try it out. As for checking news, twitter is the best tool, the fastest alpha, but it is very difficult to figure out the main news that need to be loaded in the head. Sometimes it can also be information that we don’t need to load into our heads. => ( This is a Telegram channel specializing in synthesizing hot news of the day, it will update whenever there is something new. Update once a day including fundraising, new news, layer1 layer2, Defi, .. the good thing about it is that if you don’t have time, you just need to skim through it, and if you need to read it carefully, you just need to read it carefully. Click on that link and it will go directly to the news source of that article. ***Note ***: Everyone should check at the close of the daily candle, which is around 7am Vietnam time, so check early because if you check late, the cash flow will likely shift to another system. After checking, we should make a note to check, this check will help us understand why that coin has increased to find investment opportunities in the future. Similarly, everyone should check both the top losers and the top TVLs that have dropped to capture a better cash flow. **Search for relevant information** After you have listed yourself the top gain coins, the next thing is to find relevant information and process that information. Normally, I will go to ( to search, people can type the name of that coin on coiningecko to search for related information. Quan, see what array it belongs to? Which ecosystem? Is there any good news coming? If yes, try to find out why it increased in the last 24 hours? Coingecko shows almost all the basic information needed such as tokenmonics, community, transaction volume, social networks of that project such as discord, tele, twitter, .. After checking the basic information, I go to Google Find out what is that coin? I often read research articles on coin68 and coin98, they do it professionally and properly. Reading their research is also quick, just a few minutes to complete an in-depth research on a project. In addition, everyone should also make a habit of surfing twitter every day instead of fb because the alpha leak is all on twitter above, I already provided a channel that specializes in synthesis but there are many things that are lacking. On twitter I also create for myself a news channel system from the people we follow, they will provide us with news about the projects we are interested in. **Check the news on the macro, the general situation **Many years ago, because the crypto market was small, the big news affected the crypto market but now the average news has little effect a lot to this market. Macro news will tell us about the current situation of the economy, future growth prospects, inflation rate, interest rates… Just knowing these basic information is enough to help us. Preparing for the investment plan, if the macro is good, the market will be good, if the macro is not supportive, the market will be bad. As for checking the macroeconomic situation, people do not need to be an economic expert or need a degree to do this because there are now general news sites for us like VNwallstreet, Cafe, etc. Investing. Also check out general news about the crypto market like these websites: ( ( ( ( ( / **Technical analysis of BTC and other coins **Next is a technical check, everyone if you are a holder should look a little wider at H4 frames and above, and trader “dangerous” each candle 1m does not say. Should get into the habit of multi-frame analysis from large frames to small frames. For me, I should look from the W frame, the D frame first to predict the trend and then to the smaller frame. As for PTKT for altcoins, I only check when BTC is good or I’m interested in a certain altcoin. In general, it is not recommended to rely entirely on technical analysis because technical analysis is all about taking data from the past to reflect on the future but the future is not certain to repeat, so combine it with other analytical methods. If you study PT, there are Alden Nguyen, 8xTrading (wyckoff), HC Capital or everyone on this telegram channel ( cool stuff from all over, you can find and download study materials yourself. **Onchain Check **Onchain is a pretty cool thing that only the crypto market has and no other financial market has. Blockchain is completely transparent so all data is public but sometimes it is still tricked. With onchain, most need a little skill to analyze behavior or need good tools to check. So here, I would like to provide some free tools. ( ( (https://dune .com/)( ( Onchain instructions are in the group with admin Phan I have reached the guide, so please read it again. Otherwise, you can Follow onchain channels like Datafi, DataNerd ***Conclusion: ***That’s it, just spend 30p-1 hour a day to check this information to help us fight “darkness”. old” already. Hope this article helps me. Good luck!!

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