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Should choose a smartphone with a flat screen or a curved screen?

# ** Should you choose a smartphone with a flat screen or a curved screen? ** ** Curved and flat are two types of screens that are making users hesitate to buy a smartphone, but knowing the difference between the benefits and limitations will make it easy. more in selection.** Under different needs, flat and curved screens can give users a completely different experience. So when should you choose a smartphone with a flat and curved screen? Let’s find out together. ## **Reason for choosing curved screen** If comparing between two screens, actually curved screen brings more breakthrough. In the past, curved screens were due to the popularity of flexible OLED screens, which made mobile phones thinner and lighter. In order to improve the feel and visual effects, manufacturers have made the screen into curved surfaces. In this way, the screen border has a certain curvature, which reduces the black part of the surrounding border and provides a more intuitive look. At the present time, curved screens have basically become the standard configuration of high-end phones. Although curved screen phones are easy to use, some problems are inevitable. First of all, when people stick the film, the curved screen will be difficult to make the tempered film fit the phone. Of course, there are newer products on the market, such as liquid tempered film or hydrogel film, etc., but the convenience and drop resistance are still inferior to traditional tempered glass, so the film can become become everyone’s favorite product. In addition, due to the curved screen design, the thickness of the phone may be reduced. Thanks to the narrower frame, people can hold the phone with one hand more comfortably. But when the middle frame becomes thinner, there can be some stability issues when holding, causing curved phones to slip easily from the palm, increasing costs and maintenance time later. In general, curved screens are mostly flexible OLED screens. Compared with the traditional hard screen, the flexible screen has good flexibility, light weight, low power consumption and resistance to rubbing. ## **Reason for choosing a flat screen** Flat screen phones are the target of many gamers thanks to the display effect they bring to everyone. The advantage of the flat screen interface lies in the regularity, and the display effect of the entire screen is consistent, consistent with the normal vision of the human eye. Of course, it does not appear dented at the edge of the screen like a curved screen. The second advantage of flat screen is the same screen quality, but the cost of flat screen is lower than curved screen, including maintenance cost, film coating, etc. Thanks to the advantages of straight screen design, it gives a better fit for tempered glass, which can be absorbed more completely into the whole screen without problems like edge warping. Moreover, the tempered glass on the flat screen mobile phone will be stronger. The last point is the comfort of one-handed holding, the middle frame of a straight screen phone can often give people a certain amount of curvature, the right curvature can make the back of the phone more comfortable with the palm and prevent it from sliding off the palm. Of course, the contact between the screen and the bezel can also have a certain angle to the palm so that anyone can grasp the device. When playing games, flat screen phones are not prone to accidental touches and other phenomena. ## **General comment** When choosing a product, users do not need to pay special attention to the appearance of the phone screen unless there are special requirements for the screen. Whether it’s a flat-screen phone or a curved-screen phone, each has its own advantages: the curved screen makes the screen feel wider, the body is thin and light, and the unique grip feels like a flat screen. But we can’t deny that flat screens will be more suitable for heavy gamers, especially to avoid accidental touches.



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