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Significantly cheaper but the Galaxy A54 has something the iPhone 14 can’t?

## Only about half the price of the iPhone 14, but the Samsung phone has a big difference compared to the competition. Only about half the price of (iPhone 14) ( but the Samsung phone owns a big difference compared to the competition. The iPhone 5C was released in 2013 and it was the first time that Apple added fun colors to the iPhone lineup – despite the iPhone 5C later being considered a flop. Apple’s “color revolution” paused for a few years until the iPhone XR arrived, bringing fun shades to the iPhone. Since then iPhone 11, 12, 13 and 14 have been born with more eye-catching colors and iPhone Pro models with more “professional” colors. However, if you include the fact that Apple has just launched the gold iPhone 14 – which may attract some people – it can be seen that in the past, the company has not had much success with color schemes for iPhones. And the iPhone 14 “Purple” (Purple) is proof of the above statement. The iPhone 14 “Purple” doesn’t even come out purple, it’s a lavender purple that turns white so much that it’s embarrassing to call it “lavender purple”. Next we will talk about the iPhone 14 Pro “Deep Purple”. “Deep Purple” appears to be purple when you hold it at the right angle – otherwise it looks a bit like “Space Black” if you’re not really paying attention. For comparison we go back to the time when Samsung revealed its new (Galaxy A54)( earlier this year, when they called the purple and blue versions Its continents are “Awesome Violet” and “Awesome Lime Green”. The Galaxy A54 “Awesome Violet” is gorgeous and exactly what can be described as “a purple phone”. Even the aluminum frame has a nice purple color. While the iPhone 14 requires you to squint very closely to see a hint of lavender, you can clearly see that the Galaxy A54 is purple.



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