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Signs your phone is about to explode you must know

Signs that your phone is about to explode, save it immediately for a safe and timely handling.

The phone exploded during more and more use. So what is the cause and how to detect a problem with my phone? Signs your phone is about to explode you must know.
Signs the phone is about to explode

The phone shows signs of unusually hot

This usually happens when you buy a broken phone, or your old phone has been replaced with accessories without your knowledge. If you are using it and you suddenly feel that your phone heats up while you are not touching it, you need to pay attention. This could be a sign that the phone may explode if it continues to be used.

The phone has just had a strong impact, signs of damage

Dropping or subjecting the phone to a strong impact with surrounding objects can cause damage to components and parts. This causes the affected parts to start sending out strange signals. Also the phone may explode if this condition lasts longer.

Phone battery problem

Phone batteries are a big problem in recent phone explosions. Poor quality, degraded batteries also make electronics worse. Not to mention the risk of fire and even explosion is also great. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid the battery condition being too bad, such as battery swelling.

When charging the phone, the sign heats up

When the phone charger shows signs of heating, users need to pay attention to avoid a deadly phone explosion.

Using the wrong phone charger, there are signs of slow power input

Phone exploding while charging is a common occurrence when you plug in a charger that isn’t your phone. Then the first sign is that the battery is very slow in, even the faster the battery is charged, the faster it will go down. Prolonged conditions can cause the phone to explode quickly.

Causes of cell phone explosion

Before reaching the user, the phone has to go through a rigorous testing process to ensure the safety of the user. However, there are many cases where phones explode, causing serious consequences.

There are many causes of cell phone explosion. Here are the most common causes:

Charge your phone overnight.

Use while charging.

Components of the phone are damaged.

Use your phone in the rain.

Buy phones at non-reputable stores.

The phone has been hit hard before.

The charging device is not genuine, not suitable for the phone.

The phone heats up abnormally fast.

Manufacturer error.


Do not use and charge the phone at the same time

Using and charging the phone at the same time will cause the phone to heat up quickly. This greatly affects the life of the battery and can even cause an explosion. You should give your phone a break while it recharges. Do not force the phone to work too hard.

Use the original charger

The use of non-genuine, poor quality and substandard chargers is what causes the phone to explode. It can cause the battery to fail or provide too much current for it to accept.

Therefore, if used for a long time, the phone will explode. Therefore, you need to use the genuine charger that comes with the device or buy a charger from reputable units, especially when buying, pay attention to check the parameters to see if it is suitable for your phone.

Use and store your phone in a cool, dry place

You should not use the phone in wet places, use the phone in the rain, because water seeping inside will cause an electric shock and cause the phone to explode. You also do not put the phone on the comforter, pillow, cushion, it will make the phone overheat and flammable.

Buy a phone at a reputable address

This is very important because it ensures you get the best product, the best quality. You can rest assured that during use, if there is any problem, it will be genuine warranty. In addition, a reputable address will assure you of the origin and quality of the product.

In this article, we have given the signs that the phone is about to explode. Be careful if your phone has these unusual signs.



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