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Simple tips to make your phone run quieter

# **Simple tips to make your phone run more smoothly** **Regularly restarting, deleting unnecessary data or removing unused apps… will help improve the performance of Android smartphones.** Smartphones in general and Android phones in particular often degrade in performance after a period of use. There are many reasons for this situation, but the most common are junk files that appear without being cleaned up, many applications are installed but not used, the device has not been updated for a long time… Therefore, to make your Android phone run smoother, smoother, faster, you need to pay attention to the following tips: ## **Restart your device often** One of the easiest ways to improve Android phone performance. This will close all unnecessary background processes, free up RAM and refresh system resources to make your phone run faster. Experts advise users to restart their phones whenever possible, or schedule periodic reboots. ## **Remove applications that have not been used for a long time** Due to demand, in the process of using smartphones, you often have to install many different applications. The number of these applications will increase over time, but many people have a habit of not uninstalling them because they think “there will be a time to use them”. This allows many applications to run in the background frequently and lead to a slower phone. Experts advise users to uninstall the application if not used after more than half a month, until it is necessary to reinstall it later. This helps Android mobile devices run smoother. ## **Free up memory** Google recommends that Android phones experience performance issues when less than 10% of storage space is left. The reason is because when there is less space, applications cannot store cache files – the factor that makes the application work faster when accessed next time because it does not need to be reloaded. Experts recommend that Android users get into the habit of regularly removing unused files. The steps are as follows: go to *Settings > Device Care > Storage*, then select the file to delete to free up memory. The cache should also be cleared regularly as the amount of cached data increases over time, by going to *Settings > Apps* and selecting the app to clear the cache. ## **Updating to the latest Android version** Installing the latest Android version solves two big problems: providing security patches that prevent the risk of attacks and helping the phone software to be optimized for performance. Both are important factors, determining the smoothness of using Android phones. Experts recommend that users update as soon as a new operating system version is available. The device will usually display a notification, or users can check by going to Settings > System > System update.



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