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> Hello everyone! I’m Small Cloud – Founder of Crypto Profit For Charity. This week’s topic helps you know what to equip for the upcoming journey. ## **I. Why need these skills?** * With the potential of crypto when Blackrock wants to open BTC spot ETF and Vanguard invests in bitcoin mining system, strong development of CBDC and upcoming Halving, what needs to be done is to fully prepare the necessary skills to adapt to the market waiting for extremely strong bullish. Downtrend season is the season to accumulate knowledge – experience – experience, the best time to start is now. * The market moves very fast, the effective way is to accumulate as much as possible. These skills will help you adapt quickly to extremely efficient cash flow, when investing will limit losses, have all the necessary knowledge to work in crypto and outside life. ## **II. Skills required.** # **1 . Research skill** This can be considered an important skill that any player should learn and practice, it can help you to establish yourself in this market full of pitfalls, where people watch me smack other people. The benefits are many, from understanding and valuing a project, a macro picture or a certain aspect, from traditional to crypto all carefully. Basic skills will include: * **Fundamental Analysis**: This is a skill that I see people using, sometimes no technical skills are needed when good. It has many factors: * Macro analysis: Economics, politics, global fluctuations…. * Micro analysis: For crypto as a project, the impacts on a project such as: VCs, Marketing, MM, revenue model of the project… * It is very broad in itself, because there are many niches in many areas. so the general overview is the basics first. Going up slowly, it takes time, my research skills are still limited and I need to learn a lot from KOLs, influencers… *With basic analysis, you can read articles @Le Ky and @May Nho to find out more. .* * **Technical Analysis: **This is a skill that >90% of traders need to master, this helps you make decisions based on historical data analysis and price trend prediction. . Reference components (Article on this technical design)( . * **Onchain** : Is how the market works, mastering this will understand the moves of MM, sharks… Research is a skill that only gets better day by day, not the best. . There are methods available such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Comparable Analysis and Market Cap Ratio but the self-guided route is the most effective ⇒ So understand where you are and learn. Not only PTCB and PTKT are done, but also need many other things, each person practice and draw their own research method. # **2. Risk management skills** This is a skill for me that is considered the holy grail, that is, I have to know how to control my own money. It helped me after many fires, no matter how much I lose the meme, I still have money to fight. next!!! Everyone can make money, but keeping money until the time is good (uptrend), few people have enough patience and bravery. With this skill, in capital management, whether trading spot, future, playing dex, it is very difficult to allocate capital and assess risk appropriately. Need to understand and self-control in a disciplined way. To manage risk effectively, the head must know where its position is, and how available resources are? To have an effective risk management skill, there are a few ways: 1. **Diversification**: With investment, this is very important, if anyone with a lot of capital will divide into real estate, securities Securities, crypto, gold… not all in one place. In smaller cryptos, for example, don’t all in a single coin/token, or not all in every Spot or future, put money into Moonbag, airdrop this and that. 1. **Assessment & Management**t : Know how to assess the risk of money down, determine how much you lose and how much you can bear your maximum loss. To have good skills, practice with stoploss, take profit, accept losses when down money. This is a difficult thing, I am also very bad at this and am trying to fix it to be better. 1. **Emotional Control**: Risk management goes hand in hand with controlling your emotions during the investment process. Emotions dominate your decisions to a great extent, so understand your emotions and be assertive. ⇒ It’s a must-have skill, a must-have if you don’t want to see an uptrend but run out of money. # **3. Self-control and self-discipline** A difficult skill, this skill will follow you for a lifetime, not just in this crypto! Have you ever lost your temper because of a temper tantrum? Have you ever lost sleep because of a market kill? Have you ever neglected yourself because of life problems? ⇒ Definitely yes, I have it many times myself! This skill takes a lot of time and courage to overcome many difficulties. Not only crypto but life, self control and discipline. **Discipline is strength.** In this harsh crypto, if you go wrong once, the price is very expensive, so this skill I highly recommend everyone to follow closely and practice every day to form a positive habit. extreme, eliminate toxic habits, the results when uptrend will be there. * Set a rule for yourself and follow it, for example, trade with stoploss, or take orders regularly and do not increase volume, do not buy when it is too fomo… * Discipline in life such as study, health, sleep soon…have to keep practicing this line. Do not let yourself be self-indulgent, sick. If you want to go a long way with the market, you have to take care of yourself (you can’t go to the gym from home to go to the gym :vv) ⇒ It’s a priority skill to do every day. I recommend a channel (youtube )(, everyone please listen and learn from him. # **4. Critical and sensitive skills .** **Benefits:** * Helps to decide yourself correctly in many situations and circumstances. * Limit following the crowd, fomo or KOls because you know the logic of the problem * Capture information and trends more quickly. Take the lead to avoid liquidating old players. And to master this skill is not easy either! For example, when faced with a problem or a difficult situation, it is difficult to ask ourselves the opposite question or logically the problems because we rarely stay calm. Or when we are fomo, we rarely consider why it increases, and then argue who buys next for us to discharge? It is very difficult because for those who have been fomo, ”lose money is better than lose opportunities”. Or a trend is gradually forming, the sharp and critical skills are very useful to help us get information earlier than others. **How ​​to practice:** * Go back to the Youtube channel that I recommend and learn about critical thinking * Practice the habit of checking information every day, reading the news a little more. Make your own opinion and question its credibility? Is it believable or not? Why does MM do that? Why is the price rising like that, is it a bull trap or not? Kinds of questions like that. Links that some fen (read news here)( * Maintained regularly every day, wondering is the source of wisdom. Ask a lot of questions. Good for our thinking a lot. # **5. Time and work management skills.** This may not seem important at first, but it is actually necessary because we only have 24 hours a day. Sometimes, if you want to have 48 hours/day to plow Gamefi, research, and trade, it’s very difficult to practice the skill of arranging time so that it is reasonable and effective. Must balance outside employment (if any), health, crypto, surrounding relationships. Lots of work, less time. Therefore, you must have the habit of managing time, dividing it evenly, prioritizing what is important. The skill of breaking each big goal into small ones and completing it too, is extremely difficult to say extremely difficult. What is more difficult, few people can do, will achieve higher results than ordinary things. For example, if you want to learn about Macro, research, divide how much time each day spends on it, break each small goal and learn. Completing each part by section makes progress extremely fast. Of course, it’s difficult, because everyone’s ability to absorb is different. **Tips**: Plan yourself, arrange time for each work item. Allocate time for each skill, hone it every day. ## **III. Conclusion** Of course, in order to stay in this market, in addition to these skills, there are many other factors and skills such as trading skills, communication skills (because I think communication in crypto is very important. ), teamwork, patiently persisting in the market**. I am sure to filter out important skills to help you focus and improve to welcome a new uptrend season. Wishing you all the best and a happy weekend with family and friends.

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