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Smart devices that make users “stunned”: The camera knows to warn strangers, the robot obstacle is super cool!

## A series of new products bring exciting experiences to consumers, contributing to gradually perfecting the high-end ecosystem, providing comprehensive solutions for families and small and medium-sized businesses. On May 10, smart home brand EZVIZ officially held an event to launch a series of new products. The brand introduced its complete smart home solution to the public, and expressed its desire to enhance the user experience through the brand’s breakthrough technologies. In this event, consumers have the opportunity to experience the products in the “Dream easy, Live smart” collection consisting of 4 main product groups. such as smart home devices, smart cameras, smart cleaning solutions and smart entrances. Each product group owns typical equipment, integrated with many preeminent features, paving the way for a campaign to boost market share in Vietnam. ## Humanistic philosophy to create a sustainable brand IoT ecosystem includes diverse smart home products divided into four main groups: smart camera, smart home, robot and smart control, helping to create 1+4+N comprehensive ecosystem, providing a secure, all-in-one experience and unlimited connectivity for users. Since entering the market, the provider has constantly studied the living habits of families, and small and medium-sized businesses, in order to provide features that suit the needs of users. This is clearly shown through the outstanding products in the “Dream easy, Live smart” collection: from the range of rechargeable battery cameras with integrated 4G technology, typically the EB8 4G camera, completely wireless, creating a Outstanding ergonomic feeling in addition to the main features: 360-degree rotation, detection of human shapes and unusual noises, two-way talk; to smart cleaning products such as robot vacuum cleaner RS2, smart mop RH2; besides smart management devices – comprehensive connectivity such as W3R router, A3 connection port or home sensor. In addition, at this event, improved versions of the smart doorbell and door lock product chain, including LT70 smart door lock, smart doorbell with HP7 camera were launched, attracting great attention. of everyone. Through that, the brand focuses on solving major problems of society such as education, living environment, health… EZVIZ’s devices help enhance the technology experience and enhance safety. , and at the same time expressing a lifestyle that keeps up with the trends of the times. ## Smart device attracts a lot of attention **- EB8 4G camera:** 2K resolution – 360 degree rotation; Intelligent people detection – Active defense with lights and whistles; 4G connectivity; Battery powered, 100% cordless; Can work with solar panels to charge batteries. **- RS2 Robot: **Automatic vacuuming and mopping, Multi-function charging station – Self-cleaning, battery charging; Built-in 3K resolution camera; Intelligent detection of pets and obstacles. **- RH2 smart mop:** 3-in-1 mop: sweep, vacuum and mop the floor; Large dual tank for clean/dirty water separation; Support cleaning area up to 200m2; Self-cleaning & hot-air drying Detects dirt with built-in LEDs.



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