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Some crypto investment experiences for newbies.

**1/ Limit participation in groups to share rafters, share signals** Share rafters, Share signals is a fairly common form, currently active community fund groups where they will create groups Secretly calling for participants, they share coins that are declared to have strong upside potential and tell people to buy those coins. However, in my opinion, there are really few groups that can say that they can achieve good quality. At first, these groups will be free, they share a lot of rafters for investors to buy these coins. And the coins that lose, they keep quiet, but the coins that win, they constantly share with invitations to groups for a fee. The “new chickens” see that the group is all winning bets, so they trust to put money into these fee-collecting groups. Just like that, the group was getting bigger and bigger, the investors who had lost their bets were bitter but couldn’t do anything and when they spoke up, they were kicked out of the group. And so on, one after the other chicken was slaughtered. Personally, I find that newcomers to crypto investing are often not confident when buying a certain coin to invest, but instead, they often look to KOLs or rafters. Share signals to hope to earn a winning bet, bring profit for you. That may be true in the early stages but everyone should have an independent mindset because your money, and you are obedient and dependent on someone XYZ, then one day it’s going to be bad. If that person XYZ disappears, you can’t invest on your own? And moreover, investing that only depends on others is that everyone is fundamentally wrong from the beginning. **2/Always have a long-term investment mindset** New people entering this market often make mistakes and one of them is short-term investment thinking and wanting to make real money fast. It is because of this short-term mindset that they will look to meme coins, or pump dump coins (coins that go up and down in a short time) and forget about the top coins or worse. future max leverage goes volume with a fortune to hope for a good fortune that will be profitable quickly. This is a very harmful mistake, because when investing like that, it is like participating in gambling or lottery games. And moreover, it will form your investment habits later on, leading to you continuously losing. Many people often justify that investing in top coins like BTC, ETH, the amplitude increases and decreases very slowly, until they get rich. Instead, investing in junk coins is easier to make money, easier to get rich. And if you also think so, then I would like to say frankly that most people enter this market and one of the reasons they invest and lose money is investing with such a mindset. One can reopen the coin cap rankings year after year and can see that the top coins are always an upward growth chart, although in the short term, how it goes up and down. If you invest in the top coins, average price and long-term storage, by this point, you are almost 100% profitable. And another idea I want to emphasize is that when you invest long-term in top, safe coins, your psychology will be more stable and comfortable. From there, you will invest more money and also confidently hold it longer, so the profits will also be much larger. As for investing in the lottery, you will only dare to invest a small amount, now win one bet, lose another, and then look back, you only lose and lose or at most break even Long-term coin storage that is, you need to store for a period of at least 1 year or more and remember to study carefully about the coins you invest in **3/Self-study and start investing with some small money** My opinion is that I will not invest in something I do not understand no matter how delicious it is, when learning about investing in a certain field that I do not specialize in then I will start to learn it myself through reputable knowledge-providing channels, documents available on the internet. After that, I will start investing with a small amount of money to practice investing and when there is a loss, it will not affect my life much and even if I lose it, it is still a big loss. experience lessons for yourself. This is a coin investment experience that I personally find very simple and everyone should apply, this is what Ryan repeats over and over in the live and this applies not only to the crypto market but also to the whole world. set of other investment areas if you are new. When you learn and learn on your own, you will have better knowledge and experience. And when you invest with a small amount of money, you will start to become an investor with a relaxed mind. With such a way, I believe that, at some point, you will also become an experienced investor and not depend on anyone. **4/Choose a reputable exchange and protect your money well** The next experience that when I participate in investing it is to protect my money well, because the market The crypto market has many risks in wallet hacking and fraudulent exchanges, even if FTX collapses, you know why it is necessary to choose a reputable exchange. A reputable exchange and good account security settings will give you peace of mind when leaving your assets on it. From there, your psychology will be better, from which you will make better investment decisions. Imagine, if you invest and are always afraid of the risk that happens to your assets, you will have no mind to be able to choose for yourself good coins to invest. Your experience in investing in coins is that you should choose a large, reputable exchange with guaranteed funds for investors when the exchange has problems. Therefore, I recommend you to choose Binance exchange. The reason is very simple that is because this is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange today, today’s leading security technology by the world’s best engineers and moreover this exchange has SAFU fund, used to compensate users for damage when a loss occurs. Although the Binance exchange may also collapse, it is currently the most prestigious and largest. About property security, please read this article: ( 512897630990620/) **5/ Track information, accumulate knowledge** In the end, that is, I will spend 5% of my investment assets to learn and make short-term investments to earn more profits following the trend/line money. Of course, you will still invest in the long term, however, besides that, we can also spend some assets for short-term investment in the trend. To do this, we need to constantly monitor information and news about the crypto market, partly to accumulate knowledge, partly to watch investment trends, market money flows. where to move. From there, it is possible to catch the wave, and enter a few, to make a short-term profit. Typically, we can see trends in turn in recent times such as Meme Coin (like PEPE, Wojack), Narratives like LSD, .. **Advice** Having many friends because of not being able to control greed because of the growth of crypto that sold houses, poured all your assets into the crypto market, and now when the market goes down, you have lost a lot of assets and have a mental crisis, … This is one of the most common mistakes made by new investors who are still inexperienced. So I also have advice for you as to how to invest appropriately. 1. Invest within the allowable risk limit, if losing doesn’t affect your life much 1. Divide your investment into many different coins rather than just investing in a single coin (don’t put all your eggs away) in 1 basket) 1. DCA on top coins and platforms, potential coins 1. Self-study, confident in your ability 1. Don’t follow the crowd, limit joining groups And last Finally, you should note that investment brings high returns, but there will also be risks, so you need to invest within the allowed risk level, not recommending to put all your assets to play. When entering the Coin market, you need to learn and equip yourself with good knowledge to avoid scams and losses in the investment process. Invest with your own knowledge you learn and believe in it. You should remember, no matter what investment, if you want to succeed, you need to equip yourself with knowledge through research, learning and continuous practice. Do not rely on and rely on others, especially investment teachers who appear a lot for the purpose of taking advantage of your dependence for profit. Here, I do not wave my chopsticks, there is also this teacher, mainly to share and remind you to avoid going into the mistakes of the predecessors.

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