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1/ Binance launchpad project: Prestige 2/ Trend: Platform can register all Web3 domains on SPACEID Mainnet. As you know, domain name speculation is very potential, so far there is a game of speculating domain names of large companies and then reselling them for a profit. And domain investment in blockchain will also have the same potential. 3/ Current competitor in the same segment: ENS on Ethereum network. But Space ID is more ambitious when it comes to .bnb, .arb and .eth domains. This name will replace the current wallet address with dozens of long characters. For example, now you want to receive money from others, you have to give a long wallet address, when copying missing characters will lead to loss of money, instead with this domain name you just need to send a name for example: longshortsecutay.arb or dai.bnb… 4/ Price of seed ring: not announced; purchase price for private ring: 0.0625 (this is self-calculated, not published; launchpad price: 0.025. The current price is x20 times compared to launchpad, x8 compared to private price and must have been x3-40 times something. compared to the seed round price 5/ Backer: Binance labs lead the Seed round, Polychain lead the private round, there are also dao5 private participants Advantage: Few investors so it will be easy to shake hands with the pump dump. In addition, these 3 men are also jointly investing in the Polyhedra network project, which is the infrastructure for Web3’s interaction through ZKP technology 6/ Release date: March 22, 2023. 7/ Basic indicators at the time of research: Volume: 144 million, Mcap 138 million, Circulation supply is accounting for 14.3% 8/ Community: Twitter 453k followers, active discord, high number of followers. Mostly because this is a launchpad project, so the worldwide community pays a lot of attention, previous binance lauchpad projects have been xx many times and made a big splash 9/ Fundraising rounds: Seed sale did not disclose the number. funding (Bina ncelabs); Private raised 10 million dollars (Popychain lead). The amount of call is not too large, so I don’t worry about the dev team having money and then neglecting the project. 10/ Safe website, no malware. 11/ Website traffic: is on a decreasing trend, fomo shows signs of decreasing. The duration of web access is also short, which proves that the website is also less interesting, there is not too much to draw users to stay for a long time. The total number of visitors in February is only ½ of the visitors in January. December/ Countries are interested in this project: India, Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan. 13/ Contract: Audited, 70/100. The contract creator is not granted any special rights => Rest assured. The MM team of this project has not been found yet, if you have any information, you can add it. Maybe the high rate is binance or something else. 14/ Compare with ENS: **ENS:** Only 1 round after the token launch is to pump up to $84/token, Mcap at 11/28/2021 is $1.54 billion, volume is 418 million. Since then, prices have steadily decreased. Current: Total supply: 100 million, Circulating supply: 20.2 million, current Mcap: 258 million, volume is only 30 million. **ID:** Total supply: 2 billion, circulation: 286 million, Mcap: 127 million, volume 5 times higher than ENS: 148 million. Estimated investmentable price: $0.25. Assuming there will be an uptrend on 06/2025 and then the Mcap of ID can be achieved like ENS is 1.5 billion USD, then the circulating supply is about: 1.126 billion tokens. Then the price could be 1.3$/token. That is, x5.2 compared to the investment price of $ 0.25 and x52 times the launchpad price. The above is just a personal opinion, if you find it useful, like or have any fun suggestions, just comment. Wishing you the victory.

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