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Stop using immediately if iPhone appears this message

**Stop using immediately if iPhone appears this message** *>>Even Apple warns* ## iPhone users are advised to stop using the device to avoid danger. The weather is currently in the hot season with temperatures up to 39-44 degrees Celsius in many provinces in Vietnam. This is also the reason why the phone becomes overheated, even many iPhone users say that it cannot fully charge 100%. Sharing on social networks, Mr. Phong, an iPhone 12 user in Ho Chi Minh City said that in the past few days, the iPhone he is using regularly stops charging at 80%. As noted by Mr. Phong, the phenomenon occurs when the device temperature is high due to the environment or the charging process. Phong is not the only user experiencing this phenomenon. On some major technology forums in Vietnam and social networks, many users also reflect the same problem when their iPhone cannot reach 100% battery capacity as usual. To overcome this situation, Mr. Phong said he had to turn off the device, remove the case and put the device in a cool place to continue charging to be able to reach 100%. In fact, this is a safety mechanism that Apple has designed to help protect the iPhone from overheating, which can lead to a fire or explosion. To warn users, the “Charging on hold” feature will appear on the iPhone screen. This feature keeps the battery from overheating, preventing overheating from affecting other components inside the iPhone, as well as ensuring user safety. When the Charging on hold message appears, users are advised to stop using the iPhone for a certain time and take measures to cool it down, such as: – Stop charging, use the device immediately. – “Apple defect” recommends, users should remove the case before charging, because they are the cause of hindering the heat dissipation of the device. On Apple’s homepage, the iPhone maker has warned users not to use certain types of cases when charging their phones, as they can cause thermal fluctuations, damage, and bottle the battery. faster. Thick cases, made from materials like rubber or especially leather, are less able to dissipate heat, making the phone hotter. – If you are charging your device in hot weather, move indoors or in a cooler place. Apple recommends users to use iPhone at below 45 degrees Celsius. – Reduce the brightness of the screen. – Turn off apps that consume a lot of power while charging. – Put iPhone in Airplane Mode or turn it off. Users are also advised to use only MFi certified chargers (Made for iPhone/iPad) for safety. The MFi certification shows that this accessory has passed Apple’s quality tests and does not harm or affect the device. In addition, do not forget to check the battery status, battery level on iPhone. From iOS 11.3 and above, Apple has integrated a battery monitoring feature for users to be more proactive in monitoring iPhone battery status. Thanks to that, it is possible to determine when it is best to replace the iPhone battery. If your iPhone battery says maintenance, replace it as soon as possible. A phone battery maintenance alert is when the battery is rapidly depleting. At the same time, it is a sign that the battery has degraded, is no longer safe and ensures efficiency when used. Look for reputable repair addresses to be assured of quality.



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