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Subscriptions increase when Netflix blocks account sharing

# ** Subscribers increased when Netflix blocked account sharing** Despite being reacted to because of the policy of restricting account sharing, Netflix received a positive signal when the number of new subscribers increased sharply. On May 23, (Netflix)( began notifying accounts registered for its service in the US from sharing passwords and access rights. services with people who are not in the same home. *Washington Post *recorded on social networks Twitter and Facebook, many people (complaints)( .html), even announced to abandon Netflix, switch to more open applications like Disney Plus and Max. However, according to subscription tracking company Antenna, from May 24 to 27, Netflix had the highest four days of user growth in four years, when there were 100,000 new subscriptions per day in the US alone. America. After that, the average daily new registrations still reached 73,000, up 102% from 60 days earlier. This level is even higher than the blockade period during Covid-19 in March and April 2020. However, the number of people canceling their Netflix accounts also increased by 25.6% compared to the average two months ago. In addition to new subscriptions, Netflix users can also add members to their accounts for $7.99 per month. The above figures are in favor of Netflix, but these are statistics from the third party Antenna, not from Netflix. The platform’s service plans inherently allow for up to five profiles to be shared among family members. However, many people take advantage of this policy to sell accounts to strangers, causing the company to lose revenue. The company said more than 100 million people are using the service with the accounts of relatives and friends. In order to gauge user response, Netflix has repeatedly “barred” the sharing plan, saying it will identify pirated use based on IP addresses, device information and account activity. . Netflix currently leads the video streaming industry with 223 million global users and a market value of $128 billion. There are some services with similar features that still allow users to share accounts, but experts warn they may follow Netflix in the future. “Netflix is ​​pioneering, and I think other platforms will follow suit,” said Alicia Reese, analyst at Wedbush.



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